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A friendly Wolfenstein 3D community, about Wolfenstein 3D, the game that gave birth to first person shooters...

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    Treasure Hunt

    Don't Hurt Me!
    Don't Hurt Me!

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    Treasure Hunt Empty Treasure Hunt

    Post by serpens Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:49 pm

    Hello. I have announced this release on the DHW forum a while ago, but the two Wolf3D message boards are probably somewhat disconnected from each other during Brian's inactivity, so not posting here was probably a mistake. Allow me to fix this unforgivable omission now.

    Treasure Hunt
    Episode I: Escape from Gesundheit

    Click here to download

    Treasure Hunt Shot2

    * * *

    So what on Earth is going on?

    Simple: I am hereby releasing a new Wolfenstein 3D mod. Some of you might at this point be done with the initial shock and already asking obvious questions: Serpens releasing his own stuff? His own stuff that's not part of a community set? This never happens. And yet, here it is.

    What can you expect, then? Vanilla gameplay and audiovisuals. Anything new or worth attention? Well, as lifted from the readme file, the feature list includes:

    • ten new levels (that’s the big one, believe it or not);
    • a new executable by Andy (both DOS and SDL incarnations);
    • a guest level by ack (now you’ll all download and play the mod just for this);
    • a slightly modified HUD;
    • a profound storyline (not really).

    But that's not much at all!

    Well, this depends on the point of view. Certainly the vanilla flavor of Wolfenstein is far from impressive in the day an age of Team Raycast or KFH Games. And ten levels (well, nine, since one is a guest map) definitely doesn't seem to be a lot, especially in the context of my first release ever (a full 60 level mapset) and the enormous amount of time between TR+NM and Treasure Hunt. On the other hand, believe me that I've spent quite a bit of time thinking up the concept and laboring over  the levels. I rarely do anything Wolfenstein related these days, but when I do, I'm dedicated. And as for the vanilla flavor... I enjoy it, I know some people around here enjoy it as well, so that's good enough. I'm not going to try and convince anyone. Let me talk a bit about the premise instead.

    As can be inferred based on the title, this mod is largely about treasure. In fact, most of the code changes are flavor changes meant to reinforce the treasure-centric theme. In Treasure Hunt, killing Nazis is merely a just and noble means of achieving the highest of goals: crowns (and lesser treasure as well). There's quite a bit, but not in ridiculous amounts. A lot of it is hidden. Out of the way. Guarded. Secret. Explore thoroughly and collect as much as you can, because that's what B.J. Blazkowicz wants to do.

    About the maps, allow me to repeat that although there are only ten, I've spent a significant amount of time constructing and revising them, adjusting details and perfecting the designs. They have also been very thoroughly tested by MrWolfForever (a round of applause, please!) as well as myself, and thus are probably bug free. Are they carefully designed, meticulously decorated, creative and aesthetically pleasant? That's what they're meant to be. Challenging? Allegedly. Good and entertaining? Hopefully. My best work so far? That's a certainty. Does "best" equal "good"? You tell me.

    At this point, I feel like I owe someone an apology, and this someone is Dean. Quite a long time ago, I recall asking Dean for help regarding textures and sprites for use in future mods. Dean was extremely helpful and provided me with an entire package. Well, here is my mod and none of those graphics made it into the release. I'm sorry. If I ever release anything else in the future, I will probably make use of some of those files. I need to get rid of some annoying vanilla textures anyway (I'm looking at YOU, Grey Brick 3)...

    What else?

    Oh, right, the profound storyline. Here you go:

    Jorunal Entry no. [CLASSIFIED] Date [CLASSIFIED]

    Actually, it’s not classified at all. I just can’t remember what day it is. My head hurts. They hit me good.

    I can barely write, too. And not just ‘cause of the headache. Pen’s out of ink, so I had to use the dead guard’s blood. And while I’m on the topic of dead guards – what’s up with that? Sure, I might be incompetent enough to get captured all the time, but then they always go ahead and waste their advantage by placing a complete nincompoop on guard. Next time they’re gonna put a scarecrow in my cell.

    No matter. I happen to know that they brought me to Castle Gesundheit or some other Whateverstein, which is exactly where I was supposed to go in the first place, so those suckers have only done my work for me. See, Castle Gesundheit is where that Nazi guy I was ordered to kill resides. His name was too difficult to remember, though, so I’ll have to kill them all just in case.

    But that’s beside the point. I know one thing for sure – whenever the Germans move to their castles, they always seem to bring a whole heck of treasure with them. The bastard I’m gonna kill probably has all sorts of riches stolen from Turbanistan or whatever that country they conquered back in ’39 was called – diamond crosses, gold chalices and those lovely royal crowns – all just lying around the place. Waiting for me. Good thing I asked mommy for some pants with big pockets.

    Well, running out of ink. It’s kind of spilling on the floor too much. Time to finish this nonsense and go grab all those crowns. Hope they’re not too well hidden this time. Walking from wall to wall and kicking them to unlock secret compartments ain’t the most exciting job in the world. My right leg still hurts after that stupid Spear debacle.

    P.S. Why do I even bring you on missions, you useless piece of paper?

    * * *

    Treasure Hunt Shot1

    And here's the download link again, for your convenience

    That's it. Go download, play, tell me what you think. And, first and foremost, enjoy.

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    Treasure Hunt Empty Re: Treasure Hunt

    Post by JDMGD0 Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:08 pm

    Seems nice. Love the '$$$' touch Razz

    Gonna try to complete it 100% on Death Incarnate over the weekend ...

    Let's think of a siggy... Well, I'd rather nap... :O

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