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    Lots of forumation updates.

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Lots of forumation updates.

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Sat May 10, 2008 8:12 pm

    Hi guys.
    I apparently missed some updates, and I failed to report them Sad
    Some of them:
    Reason of editing column

    "A quick update has just been done tonight : you can now change the color of your topic title!

    To activate it :
    general > configuration > "Allow topics titles color" > yes

    Then when creating a topic, you just need to scroll and choose the color you wish "

    For a more friendly and intuitive use of our service, we carried out a new and ergonomic administration panel.
    Indeed, a new version V3.0 of the administration panel is now available for your forums!. You can easily access it via the link "toggle admin interface" indicated below:
    (man, these guys are working!)
    The operating principle remains the same. The main changes mainly concern the home panel that we made more complete by incorporating new modules.

    By choosing the "advanced" mode:

    Date, email and nickname of the last 5 members registered on the forum.

    Search a user: To find and direct access any user on your forum.

    Summary: Give a summary of the condition of your credits and transactions.

    Boost your forum: a shortcut to the management and funding issues.

    Ads and update: has an RSS feed to the section of the same name on the support forum.

    Statistics: your forum statistics.

    Who is online: As its name suggests, lets you see the members and visitors who are on your forum.

    The "simple" mode, simply reveals the following modules:

    My first steps


    announcements and updates

    The old version V2.0 panel will still be available. You can switch by clicking the same link "Toggle admin interface" as indicated below:
    More to come, cheers! clown

    Yup, I'm keeping an eye on new updates. alien

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