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    The Nexperiment: Wolf3D Overhowled

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    The Nexperiment: Wolf3D Overhowled Empty The Nexperiment: Wolf3D Overhowled

    Post by Nexion Sat Oct 21, 2023 8:38 am

    Welcome to whatever the hell this is. Try it out and see for yourself if any of it makes any sense to you. 

    In short, it's just an executable and requires a copy of Wolf3D 1.4 GT or Apogee. There are bigger and smaller gameplay features all over the place. 

    Gameplay is all about weight and speed now. There are also new weapons  and many more things to discover. Like it got a hidden bonus game within.

    It also has an Automap + WASD + Y-Axis-Mouse support for all the WASDers lost in mazes.

    The project has been a fun trip between more serious projects. Mostly to try out some hacky and random ideas. It came to life sometime in 2019 and got some updates once in a while until i decided to just get over with it. I'm just glad i can finally kick one of my own, unfortunately smaller, projects out of mind. You may keep any bug that crawls out of the screen. Just don't forget to feed them from time to time. I don't plan to take care of any.

    It comes with a few modding options should anyone ever feel compelled to touch this thing with a long stick though some visuals might be a bit tricky to modify. Objects are limited to 3000 and enemies to 8000 should you feel like doing a slaughter map. In case check the readme.txt for more details, which no one ever does. There is also a rough feature list in there.

    Some ideas were cut for all kind of reasons. One idea was to have some more modding aspects for modders through some scripts or other means. This was still before MacenWolf was a thing. Some of them made it into MacenWolf and later on it didn't make sense to still have such options for this hacky little thing.

    If someone is interested i might tell about some of the other ideas that didn't make the cut.

    Have fun or not.

    Screenshots + Download


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