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    Windows 11 Compatibility Questions


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    Windows 11 Compatibility Questions Empty Windows 11 Compatibility Questions

    Post by stathmk Wed Dec 08, 2021 11:03 am

    I have some Windows 11 questions.  I have Windows 10 and I haven't installed the Windows 11 update yet.  I understand that once Windows 11 is installed over Windows 10 that you can't go back to certain things.  Windows 10 has one kind of support or another until May 10, 2022 according to this chart.

    1:  Have you downloaded Windows 11 and did you like it?

    2:  Will DosBox work on Windows 11?  Windows 10 is mentioned once here in the manual while Windows 11 isn't mentioned.

    3:  Will Scummvm work on Windows 11?  The scummvm.org home page makes no mention of Windows 11.

    4:  Will ECWolf, LZWolf, Mac-enwolf, and Wolf4SDL work on Windows 11?

    5:  Will the 1990s Ulimate Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth work in source ports on Windows 11?

    6:  Will Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Return to Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, Wolfenstein 2009, and the more modern Wolfenstein games work on Windows 11?

    7:  Will Blake Stone, Ken's Labyrinth, Super 3D Noah's Ark, and Rise of The Triad work in Windows 11?

    8:  Will Macintosh emulation like Basilisk II, Mini vMac, Qemu, and Sheepshaver work for emulating Macintosh or even The Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D games?

    9:  Will Carbonite work on Windows 11?  I had gotten no helpful results with the bing.com search engine for "Will Carbonite work for Windows 11" and I need to phone Carbonite if nobody answers here in this thread.

    Thank you.  I need to do more research on this during this week.

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