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    mapping tile16s

    Bring em' On!
    Bring em' On!

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    mapping tile16s Empty mapping tile16s

    Post by Asa Mon Jul 20, 2020 12:22 pm

    I decided it would be better to start a new topic since the other one was pretty much concluded and this one is diverging away from it.

    Here are my comparisons of the tile16's found in the alpha and the tile16's I just added to v1.4:

    chunkAlpha count  chunkv1.4 count 
    66-86background and walls21 139-159  background and walls21
    87-137sparse51160-161elevator wall and down
    elevator controls
     138-140  elevator wall and up and
    down elevator controls
    141-155sparse15189-191doors (one orientation
    only: normal, elevator,
    locked [gold or silver[)
    doors (includes both
    orientations of all 6
    doors: normal, locked
    red, locked green,
    locked blue, locked
    yellow and elevator)

    It appears there is no real correlation between the versions. The sparse ones between the walls and the elevator controls in the alpha are greater in number than the walls between the background and the elevator controls in v1.4. The total number of chunks in the alpha is almost double the number in v1.4, and includes locked doors that are either no longer in the game, or didn't use the separate image in the texture list.

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