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    Coffee Break Episode 2: The Village Volk


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    Coffee Break Episode 2: The Village Volk

    Post by Executor on Sat May 28, 2016 4:08 pm

    The sequel to 2014's Coffee Break Episode 1: Castle Hasselhoff, Episode 2 brings 10 more levels of fast-paced action with vanilla-like graphics and presentation but more complex and varied gameplay, with eight weapons, five new enemy types, switches, floor triggers, 3D sprites, traps, and more. The levels are relatively short but very difficult and will challenge even veteran Wolfers on Death Incarnate difficulty.

    Our so-called "story" so far:

    After "B.J. BLAZKOWICZ" escape CASTLE HASSELHOFF with WAR PLAN, give to ALLIES to reveal NAZIS' next move.

    HIGH COMMAND has find out location of SUPER SECRET meeting of NAZI GENERALS. GENERALS are gather in village of DEPPENDORF to discussed unknown NAZI PROJECT.

    "B.J. BLAZKOWICZ" you are infiltrate DEPPENDORF village to assassinate GENERALS and discover detail of NAZI PROJECT before it succeed, for GREAT JUSTICE.

    The story and level titles are intentionally ridiculous, don't take them too seriously.


    * All the features of Coffee Break Episode 1
    * Extensive use of 3D sprites
    * 10 action-packed, difficult levels capable of challenging veteran Wolfenstein players
    * Three new enemies, the grenade-chucking Grenadier, the flamethrower-wielding Heavy Trooper, and the rocket launcher-equipped Colonel

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