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    The fastest mid-episode levels


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    The fastest mid-episode levels

    Post by WolfForever on Fri Jan 11, 2013 5:11 pm

    1. Starting with pistol and 8 bullets;
    2. Playing on normal or hard;
    3. Using no secrets that are not mandatory;
    4. Excluding any solution that is only by chance (i.e. a guard opening a door it isn't supposed to) or ultra-hard to attain; and
    5. Otherwise taking the quickest possible route to the exit,

    What are, to your knowledge, the five non-first, non-secret, and non-boss (so no Levels 1, 9, or 10) in Wolfenstein 3D that can be done the fastest?

    I think first place is pretty obviously E2L7, second place is probably E4L4 as it's really fast if you know where to go. But I'm not as sure about third to fifth. Any other levels stick out to you as especially quick, while satisfying the five requirements?

    I would have placed E4L7 next BTW, except that I cannot do that thing without running up to the north area and getting a better weapon first, so it takes a little longer.

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