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    Mapsets I'd like to play w/o custom VSWAP


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    Mapsets I'd like to play w/o custom VSWAP

    Post by WolfForever on Wed Jan 23, 2013 8:20 pm

    There are a couple certain cases where I would like to play a Wolfenstein add-on for the maps, but it contains a custom VSWAP and I would prefer to have original Wolfenstein/SoD graphics, enemies, and/or sprites over the new ones.

    However, I don't ever want to do this if either the gameplay is affected in any way, or if the looks will be significantly out of touch (by this I mean an occasional wall that looks out of place is fine, but something that will look like a complete mess or eyesore isn't). And I'm aware this is often the case, where use of a custom VSWAP is more or less mandatory.

    These are all mapsets with no other code changes, so they don't rely on EXE modifications or anything of that sort on top of that. I'd like to know which of these, if any, will look at least acceptable and play like a standard mapset if I omit the VSWAP. So here's the list:

    -Pac 'n Clown
    -Blake Wolf
    -Alien Wolf
    -Arielus' Spear of Destiny

    All of these happen to be s/ware Wolf3D sets, except the last which is a registered SoD set. If you could let me know which (if any) it is okay to omit the VSWAP modifications (they aren't mandatory as omitting them will give me acceptable looks with the original Wolfenstein/SoD graphics/sprites and standard Wolf3D/SoD gameplay) on, that would be appreciated!

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