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    What are the best five mapsets you've played?


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    What are the best five mapsets you've played?

    Post by WolfForever on Fri Jan 25, 2013 7:40 am

    I thought I'd put up a form of my last thread except reduce concentration to mapsets only this time. A mapset does not have to have strictly no code changes but it must:

    1. Stick with the formatting of the original game (thus episodic if it's Wolf3D based)
    2. It cannot materially alter the overall gameplay/feel of the original. Cosmetic changes like menu/intermission text, extra keys, music, ceiling colors, or a few new/modified textures, guards, sprites, etc. are allowed.
    3. At least one pick needs to be for Spear of Destony

    Rules same as other top five thread otherwise. I'm not planning on a conversion exclusive thread because that's what most are picking in the other thread anyways.

    Possible top five I've played so far (no, I haven't played any BJ Rowan mapsets yet) :
    Alliance of Powers
    Acktung 2 The Last Waltz
    W. O. L. F.
    Trilogy Revisited + Nocturnal Missions
    Deadly Sleep

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