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    What are the best full Wolf3D mapsets ever released?


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    What are the best full Wolf3D mapsets ever released?

    Post by WolfForever on Thu Feb 14, 2013 9:51 pm

    Looking for possibly a top five or so here. I'm looking for pure 60-level mapsets, that completely keep the original feel intact. A cosmetic change like ceiling colors or intermission is no problem, now are a few VSWAP modifications (especially if they are enhancements) but that's about the limit. Mine are possibly at this time (not in any particular order):

    -Conflict in the Fatherland: Classic for well over a decade now, and the reason is apparent - not only does this maintain every aspect of the original but it makes it arguably even better. If you're a hardcore fab of exactly the progression the original had, this is your set. Nuff said.

    -Acktung/Acktung 2: It's ack. Need I say more? Well they both have 60 awesome maps. Double the maps, double the fun. These are potent sources for inspiration too.

    -DHW SDL Mapset: Eight excellent authors; what can go wrong? Not much. It's got the goods, beginning to end, map by map. I think these DHW SDL sets are the best mapping every put into community projects.

    -W.O.L.F.: Well again Thomas doesn't fail to deliver. I knew either this or his 2012 mapset would belong here, but this has that little bit of extra quality that gives it the secure spot.

    -5th place, not entirely sure. I may have missed an obvious one, but of all the ones I can think of there's just too many close calls. Ipank, Trilogy/Nocturnal, a WolfBel set...you get the picture. Probably if I could just squeak Golden Episode by as a mapset, that's my pick. But calling TGE just a mapset seems like a bi of a stretch.

    For what it's worth, I have a best five 21-level for Spear as well, although it's optional to this thread:

    -Archives: No brainer, they are by ack. Lots of different designs, and again, double the levels for double the fun!

    -This Spear: Takes inspiration from ack and I was quite happy with the end product as a tester.

    -Alliance of Powers: Well let me just say that the two authors behind this, who I can't give the real names of, both know how to produce greatness. How can you go wrong? The answer: you can't! And that's why it is most definitely one for the list.

    -Spearmpixsod: Arguably very overlooked, quality levels very true to the original SoD style. Want Conflict in the Fatherland for Spear this is probably the closest you'll find.

    -DHW SDL SoD: Again, lots of great authors and effort put in here, and stays mostly true to the original. Like Wolf3D duds are extremely few and far between.

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