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    Notes on adding A Ton of Textures (SDL)

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    Notes on adding A Ton of Textures (SDL) Empty Notes on adding A Ton of Textures (SDL)

    Post by Agent_Falcon93 Fri Aug 25, 2023 3:10 pm

    I will edit this into a proper format later, and I plan to include this in a larger guide, but in the mean time if this information can help anyone here it is. 
    FYI this is for Wolf/SOD4SDL

    One preliminary word of advice, keep your project directories clean and organized, and simple, and back up and make dev commits often and archive them.
    Also beware the mysterious glitch in Chaosedit when using it on files with 1200 textures. If I understood it I would explain it, but I don't just keep your textures under 1200, mapfile corruption occurs in circumstance I cannot fathom. 

    original primary / First Texture Index 
    runs IDs 0/1 - 63
    this is the most versatile texture index
    this is prime real estate
    In Wolf4SDL without doing any changes except including the relevant file and uncommenting the ifdef :
    these can be used to texture walls  floors and ceilings 
    in chaos edit
    they can be selected from both the 3D view wall select menu window or the wall tab
    in WDC their original textures have tile gfx (previews)
    With code changes these textures can also be animated or interactive, see ____'s tut on Animated Walls
    and see my tutorial on animated floors and ceilings.
    I don't at this time know of a method to make interactive floors and ceilings. 

    I believe this index also is that from which the first 16 textures are
    commandeered for the default system for parallax skies which i think is a terrible 
    idea , robbing the prime real estate index and loosing 16 textures from which to 
    use for floors and ceilings and be able to see and build in 3D edit in Chaos Edit.

    secondary vanilla code texture index
     runs IDs 64-89
    these can be selected from the select walls 3D context menu or the walls tab in Chaos Edit
    I'm fairly certain I had to add those to the CE MapDef Lists file first 
    HOWEVER this index and all that follow cannot be viewed as their actual wall texture 
    in CE 3D Edit
    They can also be used for floor and ceiling textures 
    and with code changes for animations and interactive walls 

    Third Texture Index 
    runs on custom offset IDs 
    their vswap textures start at  
    WDC Wall ID 89 upper box lists 176
    Chaos Edit Wall Num 176 above listing 177

    From this point onward everything gets more complicated
    and more custom and mod developer dependent
    while from *0 1-254 *255 these textures can be selected from the CE3DMode Select Floor and Ceiling textures mode
    and be viewed as such in both the Chaos Edit 3D Edit Mode and in the actual Game,

    0 will show in Chaos Edit as you 1st texture entry which is also called 0 sometimes
    however in game this is the absence of texture, your floor will show as the floor color set in your source code 
    and your ceiling will show as either the SC set ceiling color or your feature flag set as StarSky and Moon, or Clouds, 
    (and hey someone please make the sun and make it work with or without the cloud sky, 
    would be neat to have different Lunar Phases with star sky maybe even Moon with clouds,
    but hey, I can only ask for so much, LOL).
    SO back on track..... I recommend replacing both side of the 0 1st texture with 
    plain black, so In CE 3D Edit mode when you place your non textures areas for showing the sky or 
    for a plain floor color you don't have those flagstone textures/"grey bricks" or whatever else
    but a black void space, then you also have a blackness/darkness texture for ring out/3rd wall(movies/tv)
    ie if you have a nighttime outside level you can place that darkness beyond some barriers like trees/hedges
    and with shading enabled it has an optical illusionary effect of continuity and mystery as well. 
    And even before shading it was used by modders effectively for edge of map at night sometimes
    even as a barrier itself without objects. 

     255 will show in game but not in CE3DEM 
    and these cannot be selected for wall from the CE 3D Edit Mode
    but they can be selected from the walls tab after adding their correct definitions to the Lists file
    make a new files for your mod and or series base engine at minimum, 

    However because Chaos Edit has its own limitations on listings and tile icons
    I also recommend making a master list for your base engine for reference, and a master list per each game, 
    and making lists per level set theme, these are lists that have only the listing used in that particular level set, by which i don't mean just per game
    I mean if you have in one game levels in say a castle setting they need certain wall textures and objects, items, things etc.
    and they will be different than what you will need in say a laboratory level or etc.
    Of course some of these can bleed into each other so just figure what you need them to share. 
    Use your master list so you don't double book.  

    to use index after 89

    the equitation is Offset + Wall ID number

    You are counting (continuing from 90 not resetting) and incrementing with the offset value you used for NEWTILE_OFFSET 
    Assuming you have implemented Chokans tutorial for  Removing the hard coded limits on MAX WALLTILES/DOORS 

    ie if your offset is 2000 for NEWTILE_OFFSET than the equitation is 2000 + Wall ID number listed on the lower left hand side of WDC
    so your first 3rd Index wall will be 2k + the Wall ID and so forth just add on from there. 

    Some things that help you when adding your map definitions after adding these walls, 
    The wall number in WDC on the left will show you if they are a matching set, ie they will both have the same value, also in 
    Chaos Edit in the Select Ceiling and Floor Menu (3DM) you will see them side by side on and on the same row and same half of that row
    of the menu, as in not one on either side of the menu(1and2 or 3and4, not 2and3) or ever one on the lower/higher row, 
    you can also see if you accidentally put a different wall in between you pair of that wall, this menu is 
    easier to scroll through with the mouse wheel than moving the mouse and clicking with WDC textures tab. 
    Of course you need to have you Gamefiles from the WDC Output Directory opened in Chaos Edit, and after you add 
    the walls and compile WDC, and then re-load CE and scroll the mouse a just a bit to refresh the context menus and you will need to 
    scroll back through the tabs to your spot again. And then you can test them in either WDC with the Test button  or use run or debug in your IDE ie CodeBlocks. 
    or if you make a shortcut in the folder, remember your debug parameters. 

    Using WDC's Insert Multiple Files button saves allot of time and effort and confusion and exhaustion, also you can make
    graphical placeholders

     I recommend using IDs in the lower thousands and using one set of thousand for your 
    Third Texture Index, which itself could have multiple sub-indexes, ie regular walls, patches, wall patches, interactive wall patches, 
    walls that don't flip sides (ie for a truck) etc. 

    However be advised that you need to account for the offset when assigning these walls to anything. 

    Also you cant use these for floor and ceiling textures unless you implement WL-Hacks tut on using higher ID floor and ceiling textures, 
    however you will no longer see them displayed as their actual [in-game] textures in ChaosEdit 3D Edit Mode, 
    which to me is a deal breaker, but props to WL-Hack for figuring out how to do that nonetheless. E*

    We need a new editor that combines the great capabilities of both WDC and ChaosEdit and its 3D Mode, and allows larger maps 
    which allegedly WDC does, but I cant find it, however it is easily found in, Havocs Wolf Editor HWE, 
    an open source community project editor would be ideal so it can still be developed even if the creator cant work on it, at any give time. 
    Wade is opensource but I haven't used it yet. WLE needs allot of functionality issues fixed, but it does some cool stuff and has allot of potential. 
    The color replace, shadow fill, and circle draw features in its internal graphics editor are really cool,
    but the pallet arranged odd, and I cant seem to select the transparency purple color, and it has some issues with selecting 
    colors and tools and other issues. 

    WDC and Adam Bisers other utilities provide a versatile editing suite and as a [Wolfenstein] Data Compiler and 
    project manager and graphics file manager it is extremely helpful. 
    It also has map editing features that are surely worth the effort of adding the map defs in.

    Notes on adding A Ton of Textures (SDL) Right-arrow

    Notes on adding A Ton of Textures (SDL) Right-arrow farao "Call Pizza Hut and say Ardwolf"  Notes on adding A Ton of Textures (SDL) 1f355

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