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    -Final- Update for Guns and Glory 0.5 coming

    Bring em' On!
    Bring em' On!

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    -Final- Update for Guns and Glory 0.5 coming Empty -Final- Update for Guns and Glory 0.5 coming

    Post by Metalor Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:26 pm

    I announced an update way back when for Guns and Glory that would fix many of the bugs and issues that players had concerning the original release(s). Over 2 years after the games release, I believe it is about time to settle these issues once and for all. Thus I will be re-releasing Guns and Glory 0.5: The Story Retold for what I hope is the last time. The major change in this update will be a special configuration menu that will allow players to modify the game to their needs and desires. The game will also feature some minor tweaks to gameplay such as improved mouse function.

    The new customization menu will include the following changes:

    Short Version:
    - The Player can always enable the automap.
    - Enemies' projectiles are smaller, making them easier to dodge.
    - Enemies can't use health items or recover health.
    - Enemies give points when defeated.
    - Extra lives are earned for every 40,000 points instead of for every 100,000 points.
    - Backpacks allow 99 ammo for every weapon.
    - Weapons and enemy behavior is just like in the original Wolfenstein.
    - The Player's health and armor is increased to 99 and damage is dealt more akin to the original Wolfenstein.
    - The player can switch between listening to .MID music or .OGG music.
    - When starting a new game, the player starts on Level 34 and can play 7 unique levels included for this release instead of the normal campaign.
    Long Version:
    - Always Have the Automap. Setting this toggle allows the use of the Automap on any difficulty (for those who kept getting lost, but didn't want to play through the game on Easy).
    - Smaller enemy projectiles. One of the difficulties in the game is dodging the enemies' projectiles. This toggle decreases their size radius by half, making the attacks easier to dodge (plus you can now pull off a Matrix).
    - Enemies can't use health items. Although enemies can only heal themselves back to their original health, I felt this feature needed to be included for those who hate the tougher foes staying tough.
    - Enemies give points. Guns and Glory is difficult to get points in. This makes it much easier, as you're rewarded with points for killing regular enemies again.
    - Extra Life for every 40,000 points. Guns and Glory requires 100,000 points for an extra life. This makes it much easier to get extra lives and mirrors the original's life system.
    - Backpacks allow 99 ammo for all weapons. It's difficult to stockpile ammunition in Guns and Glory. With this toggle, the player can now carry just about as much ammo as they can find.
    - Original Wolfenstein Gameplay. Toggling this makes the Pistol, Machine Gun, and bullet-based enemies behave just like they did in the original Wolfenstein. Good for if you hate dodging all of those projectiles.
    - Original Health Scheme. Lots of people have complained about the 20 health the player gets. This toggle makes it so that the player has a maximum of 99 health and 99 armor, and makes enemy attacks more akin to the random damage ratios that occurred in the original Wolfenstein.
    - Use .MID Music instead of .OGG music. So that if you have a preference for the style of music you want to listen to, this will allow you to switch between listening to the .OGG music (which is shorter and lower quality, but won't result in game crashes when looping) or .MID music, which is longer and of better quality but may result in crashes when looping.
    - Play Bonus Maps when starting a new game. This toggle will allow players to play through a very short set of 7 levels made exclusively for this release (They're basically the remnants of the supposed Community Mapset Project I announced as part of the game's contest). These levels don't count towards the final score and can only be accessed by selecting this toggle.
    Also, for this release I am looking for Beta Testers to test out the new features and Mappers to fill up the remaining 4 map Slots. Ronwolf1705 already provided a new map for the Community Mapset, which will be included in this release along with 2 new maps made by myself.

    If anyone is interested in Beta Testing or making maps for this release, please PM me. I will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the features mentioned, or if there's some sort of change that you'd like to see implemented, please tell me.

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