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A friendly Wolfenstein 3D community, about Wolfenstein 3D, the game that gave birth to first person shooters...

    Statistics, Portal, Contribution, Chatbox, FAQ, BBCODE, Other Guides - Must Read - Edited-8/28/12

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Message : I made this forum when I was 13 High on Drugs
    Registration date : 2007-03-24

    Statistics, Portal, Contribution, Chatbox, FAQ, BBCODE, Other Guides - Must Read - Edited-8/28/12 Empty Statistics, Portal, Contribution, Chatbox, FAQ, BBCODE, Other Guides - Must Read - Edited-8/28/12

    Post by Dark_wizzie Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:08 pm

    This is a thread showing links/tips on things that most people do not know about. I think the members deserve to know everything this forum has to offer! Exclamation

    Statistics of the forum:

    Long term statistic of the forum:


    Posting ranks thread:

    Contribution page:

    Official spam thread:

    Top 20 posters:

    Forum shop:


    Who is online, and from which country:


    Guides on Wolf3d modding:

    Little bbcode and image posting help, MUST READ:

    How to use "fixed" button, so you can modify your topic title and let others know your problem is fixed:
    Press "edit post", and scroll down after the message, and there is a "fixed" button near the end. ;p

    Also, how to use multiquote: Just click on the "multi-quote" button near the "quote" button. You can also press "multi-quote" on other posts. When you are done picking out who to quote, press "add reply"!

    How to use "thanks" button:
    I would like the clarify on how the "thanks" button works. In your own thread, you may press the button if you feel one person's post is the best.

    How to add reputation:
    Find the person's post/thread. On the right side [Near the top of the thread/post] is a plus sign. Press on it. You just gave the person reputation. If you press the negative sign, you just gave the person negative rep.

    How to post a profile message:
    You can post a profile message if the person in question is on your friends list. Go to their profile, and look the "Profile Messages".

    How to add someone to your friends list:
    Go to your own profile. Look for Friends and Foes. Add the person's name and press add. The other person must accept the request, and you might want to pm them, telling them you are requesting this.

    How to gain credits:
    You gain credits for being registered. (You net a few points each day for it.) You gain some points for having a new friend for your profile, and posting on other people's profiles. You gain more points by posting something in the forums, and even more, in general, for making a thread. The rates in which you get credits vary from forum section to forum section. Do NOT post for the sake of getting credits.

    How to use credits:
    You can use credits in the credits thread. This should be the Wolf3d Chat n' Guestbook section, as a sticky. You can find out about what you can actually use credits for, in that sticky.

    Other general facts and functions in this forum:
    You can put up small attachments for people to download. Small attachments. And please remove it if nobody will ever download it again.
    You can join 2 groups for free: the Wolf3d Idles group (turns your username into orange), and Cactuar Fellowship (turns your username into yellow-ish). Go to usergroups (up on that grey bar with words like "log out" and "gallery"), then look at "Which group would you like to join?". Then hit the one you want. [u]If you want your application to be accepted anytime this century, please private message an admin, saying that you applied.

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