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    The Things I tweaked



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    The Things I tweaked

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Wed Dec 12, 2007 8:16 pm

    okie, let put this in an orderly fashion bounce
    1)I edited the portal. I added the profile thingy on the right hand side (for some reason, the private post doesn't work.) I added a little poll for you guys to see, I added a little special statistic that shows pretty much everything you would want to know about your account. Btw, you can put the statistics in your own post, too.

    2) I think that there is a asterisk (the star symbol) that looks like " * " (as indicated in the parenthesis) Click on it and it shows commnd that show various statistics of the forum, if you would want to do so for any interesting reason. I havn't check this fact with testbot, but I'm pretty sure that you could see it.

    3)If you see the forum all whacky, then it *might* be me editing the forum, but failing miserably. Don't worry, I'll fix it.
    I think that's it. Oh, by the way, seen the new post editor? Yeah, I know, it rocks. :Music:

    Edit: Oh, and just so you know, What I meant in the earlier update was, any user account that has never Logged In without 60 days of regestration will be deleted. If you have over 150 posts OR you got into any special groups, your account will NEVER be deleted due to auto pruning. You will have to tell me to delete it, if you ask me to.

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