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    The Mutant Uprising Story

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    The Mutant Uprising Story

    Post by lilmanjs on Thu Jul 26, 2007 10:27 am

    here is the mutant uprising story. if you think I need to expand on anything or change anything please tell me. Input is needed.

    The Mutant Uprising
    Location: Southern France Date: August 1943
    Well, well, well, you guys have beaten me once again. I guess I’m no match for you guys in poker anymore. I’m going to head off to bed now. You guys need to get some rest so that you can guard the base well tomorrow. I don’t like it when I do my rounds and see you guys falling asleep. Yes I know, sometimes I’m the person to blame for this as I’m winning a lot and make you guys stay up. Well good night troops!
    “Good night Lt. Mayborne. Don’t let the bugs bite you!” shouted U.S. army solider Mark Hafford. “Now where were we? Ohh, that’s right me kicking your ass in poker. I’m way better than you guys in this game and I’ve only started learning how to play what, like maybe a week?” boasted Hafford. “Yea well you’re just getting lucky! Be glad we’re not playing for money or I’d school you.” said private Joe Leonard. “You know that Poker is all luck and that you aren’t going to always win. But I guess that’s not the case tonight.” said Bill Tanner. “You just wish it was all luck Bill! You know that you really suck and can’t remember what all of the good hands look like.” joked Hafford. “Did you guys hear something? Sounded like a gunshot.” said Leonard. “We are like miles away from any battlefield so you must be hearing things.” said Tanner.

    Location: Southern France, A Few Miles From The U.S. army Base Date: August 1943
    “I’ve been studying the maps of the base for a long time and I know that the way the troops are going is the best route to clear the base. I just hope there are enough young “recruits” for my project.” said Van Himler. “I know that you will make great mutants but what am I going to do. You’ve been giving me crappy polish soldiers to make into mutants. They don’t do well and they usually die during the process, so why is this base so important for this operation?” asked Dr. Muller. “Well you see there is one good thing about this base. The stupid French have let the U.S. army take over the base. That means that you will get some top “recruits” for the operation. I just hope that you don’t screw up this time. I’ve tried to tell you many times that you need to design a weapon that the “recruits” can use when they are changed. The reason they keep dieing is the fact that after you turn them into… What is it that you call them?” “I call them Mutants sir.” said Dr. Muller. “Well the reason they keep dieing is the fact that they still have enough of a brain left to remember who they are and that they don’t need to be here. To make it short we have to kill them since they don’t and won’t do what we say. So I’m telling you to make a weapon that the Mutants can use and you need to find a way to make it so that they can be used properly.” said Van Himler. “I have a new weapon, but I have not found a way to make them obey us without any second thought. I will work on that.” said Dr. Muller.
    Back with the guys at the base
    “I win again!” shouted Hafford. Then everything went black and Hafford and the others fell to the floor. “They didn’t even know what hit them.” said the German solider. I guess we can take them back with us. I just hope this stuff doesn’t wear off before we get back to the base.
    Location: German Countryside in a Nazi Base Date: The Next Day
    “I can’t believe I blacked out like that” exclaimed Hafford. “Yea, well you weren’t the only one! Me and Tanner also blacked out.” said Leonard. “Yea I figured that but where are we though?! This isn’t the same place. I hope that we are just being held prisoners for some sort of ransom and that we will get out of here alive.” said Hafford. “I FUCKING HATE THE NAZIS!!!!” shouted Tanner but then fell over after blacking out. “that was strange. I know there must be something wrong with him and I think he needs to see a doctor.” I hate the Nazis as well but…” Leonard then fell over after blacking out. “Holy hell what is going on here they both say the word Nazis and the fall….” said Hafford with the same result.
    “Time to do the rounds and see how many idiots have said the word Nazi. God this is so much fun. I knew when we tested the drug that it would be one fun time when we actually used it in the field.” said Dr. Muller to Van Himler. After checking many of the cells and seeing that a few had said the word and had blacked out Dr. Muller got to the cell with Tanner, Hafford and Leonard. “Just as I thought. My favorite “recruits” have said the word. Well lets get them out and start the new process on them.” said Dr. Muller. “guards can you get some stretchers and help us move these 3 guys?” asked Van Himler.
    Location: Same place but down underground 3 stories in a lab.
    “Thanks for the help.” said Van Himler. The guards took the stretchers with them and left. “Now to start the process.” said Dr. Muller.
    A Few Weeks Later
    “What the hell has happened to me? Where the heck am I and why the hell is my skin all white?” thought Hafford. Mark then tried to rub off the white stuff on his skin but then realized that his skin was now white for good. After this Mark noticed a gun sticking out of his chest and wondered if it was melded into his chest or if it was part of a machine stuck to his chest. Just then an SS came walking by and Mark stood up straight and let the SS pass into the next room before he started messing with the gun. He took it off pretty easily and thought to himself that they may have turned him into a weird creature but they surely didn’t know how to make a weapon that could be used by the creature. Then out of the next room came the same SS guard that had walked into there a few minutes earlier. Before the SS guard even knew what hit him he was on the ground in pain and a few moments later he was dead. “I’m going to get out of this place and I’m going to kill everyone who stands in my way. I just hope there is some way I can get my skin color back to normal. And then Mark Hafford was through the door into the next room and started his journey.

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    Re: The Mutant Uprising Story

    Post by fireboy224 on Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:00 am

    wow, nice line up, It wounds perfect, the poker thing was funny Very Happy , U know ur a good story creator.

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    Re: The Mutant Uprising Story

    Post by PicNic on Fri Jul 27, 2007 12:27 am

    nice, but is is himmler and you said soldir lol or something

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    Re: The Mutant Uprising Story

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