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    Escape from Castle Wolfenstein: TC Proposal for RtCW

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    Escape from Castle Wolfenstein: TC Proposal for RtCW Empty Escape from Castle Wolfenstein: TC Proposal for RtCW

    Post by Tralfamadorian Spy on Thu Feb 14, 2013 8:19 pm

    Considering that Dark Forces has been nearly remade into a mod for Jedi Academy, and that the first episode for Doom 1, Knee-Deep in the Dead, has been remade for Doom 3 as Classic Doom, how come Wolfenstein 3D hasn't been remade as a mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein? I think it would be a great way to update Wolf 3D into the complicated game it was planned to be, and at the same time reviving Wolf 3D's classic feel into engine of RtCW. Maybe, as a precaution against possible copyright problems, my proposed mod should follow the Classic Doom for Doom 3's example and just remake the first episode of Wolf 3D. For the TC, the features I have in mind are:

    -Retain the original color palette (in other words, 1930s comic strip colors), and making the weapons as shiny as they were in the original.

    -Remodel the weapons, and especially bring back the classic looking knife.

    -Enhanced versions of the original level design, with addition of staircases, bookshelves, fireplaces, radios, etc.

    -New abilities, such as moving bodies, wearing enemy's clothes, distracting enemies, etc.

    -Plan for stealth to be much easier in EfCW than RtCW. Guards will wander around on their accord, and it will be easier to take out guards out stealth than it was in RtCW. You can even beat the entire level by sneaking past everyone and not making a single kill.

    -Re-skinned Uber-Soldat Prototype (with a higher health count) for Hans Grosse.

    -New recorded conversations in German instead of English (but with English subtitles, since the hero can understand the language).

    -Optional sidequests and new NPCS

    -New enemies and skins.

    If I am ever allowed to do recreate the other episodes, I'd like to recreate Operation: Eisenfaust. It'd be something to face advanced A.I. versions of the gray monsters in the RtCW engine to juxtapose with those undead Germanic knights. If I can do Die, Hitler, Die, I could just design a 1940s style version of a MechWarrior from scratch, maybe.

    Has anyone else attempted such a mod for RtCW before?

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