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    Secret Agent Man from Tralfamadore: Always on B.J.'s Side


    Tralfamadorian Spy

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    Secret Agent Man from Tralfamadore: Always on B.J.'s Side

    Post by Tralfamadorian Spy on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:39 pm

    Although I had registered here before, I sadly never had the time to introduce myself. That's what I get for being a Grad student. As one of your new secret agent men, I have assumed the name of Tralfamadorian Spy, in honor of Kurt Vonnegut's sci-fi/anti-war novel Slaughterhouse-Five. I've been a fan of Wolfenstein 3D since I was in Primary School, and many years later I still have respect for that game. Only recently have I been able to finally play the standalone expansion, Spear of Destiny, and its Lost Episodes. Sadly, I've only recently played all of the original Commander Keens, because I never had the opportunity to grow up with that classic of id's Sad. I've been a fan of Apogee's/3D Realm's and id software's games since childhood, and they still hold grand significance for me as an adult. My other favorite Wolfentsein game is RtCW, which I think helped bring about the rise of other WWII FPSs in subsequent years, like CoD 1 and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (all using QIII engine), but I personally like RtCW the best. I am reluctant to play the new installment, just named Wolfenstein, since it fails to properly continue the original RtCW from my view. I have played a little bit of the first two Castle Wolfenstein games on DOSbox, but they are a trifle difficult to control, and are hard to play without knowing which keys I should use. It's a shame, because I really want to play the classics which had all the elements which Wolf 3D had to cut down. I did learn from a thread in 3D Realms' forum that Wolf3D considered implementing a lot of the stuff from CW, and there are some screenshots too hinting at what they had in mind. To try to bring back that complexity to Wolf3D would make an ambitious mod.

    I've also played one of id's first FPS efforts, Catacombs 3D, for their once employer Softdisk (primitive, but interesting), and I find it hilarious that Softdisk created another Catacombs game right when id had released Wolf 3D.

    I am still amazed that the Wolf 3D editing community is still strong, alongside the Doom editing community. It's awesome that both game engines are free for the public to use, and I am struck by how creative a number of recent Wolf3D mods are. Next to the Doom engine, this is an engine which I would love to learn how to mod and edit. I'd also like to learn to edit for RtCW, and its awesome that its source code is also released.

    That's my introduction. What's my mission?

    Hardcore Wolfer
    Hardcore Wolfer

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    Re: Secret Agent Man from Tralfamadore: Always on B.J.'s Side

    Post by ronwolf1705 on Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:43 pm

    Welcome to the forum!

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