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    menus stuff (various)

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    menus stuff (various)

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Sun Apr 29, 2007 1:23 pm

    from dome

    Code Editing Tutorials
    Funny Main Menu stuff

    In this tutorial I'm going to teach you various things about the game's main menu(you know, New Game, Sound, Load/Save, etc.), like changing the colors, changing the speed of changing a menu section & changing the music cue that plays. The files that you need are WL_MENU.C and WL_MENU.H .
    Changing the colors
    Open up WL_MENU.H and go to line 16. There you'd see:
    #define BORDCOLOR 0x29
    #define BORD2COLOR 0x23
    #define DEACTIVE 0x2b
    #define BKGDCOLOR 0x2d
    #define STRIPE 0x2c
    #define MenuFadeOut() VL_FadeOut(0,255,51,0,0,10)
    Now, to change the colors of the menu, change anything behind the 0x with another color palette index. I only give some good-looking(by my thinking) color changes. Also, don't forget to redraw the colors with FloEdit, or else it looks silly with things like a gun with a red block around it, and so on. Just make a screenshot, save that one and use the colors on the screenshot to redraw the red colors on the normal Wolfenstein 3D graphics(they're VGA graphics, if you'd like to know).
    If you'd like to use a grey menu color, type this:
    #define BORDCOLOR 0x19 // color "1" is grey
    #define BORD2COLOR 0x13
    #define DEACTIVE 0x1b
    #define BKGDCOLOR 0x1d
    #define STRIPE 0x1c
    #define MenuFadeOut() VL_FadeOut(0,255,0,0,0,10)
    Changing the episode names
    Step 1. Open up WL_MENU.C and search for "Eisenfaust". Now you'll find:

    {1,"Episode 1" "Escape from Wolfenstein",0},
    {3,"Episode 2" "Operation: Eisenfaust",0},
    {3,"Episode 3" "Die, Fuhrer, Die!",0},
    {3,"Episode 4" "A Dark Secret",0},
    {3,"Episode 5" "Trail of the Madman",0},
    {3,"Episode 6" "Confrontation",0}

    Step 2. Change that to, for instance:

    {1,"Episode 1" "Escape from Amsterdam",0},
    {3,"Episode 2" "Operation: Brian Lowe",0},
    {3,"Episode 3" "Live, Parafriction, Live!",0},
    {3,"Episode 4" "A Moonless Night",0},
    {3,"Episode 5" "Bad eating habits",0},
    {3,"Episode 6" "Coconut Crocodiles",0}

    Changing the speed of the menu section changing
    Open up WL_MENU.H and go to line 22. There you'd see:
    #define MenuFadeOut() VL_FadeOut(0,255,51,0,0,10)
    Change that last "10" to another number between 1 and 20. lower than 10 decreases the time, higher than 10 increases the time. NOTE! 0 and 20+ are not available, so the game'll crash!
    Changing the music that plays in the menu
    Open up WL_MENU.H and go to line 34. There you'd see:
    #ifndef SPEAR
    For example, if you wanted to play "Kill the S.O.B." as a menu music and "Around the Corner!" as title screen music, do the following:
    #ifndef SPEAR

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