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    Some Bethesda.net updates


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    Some Bethesda.net updates Empty Some Bethesda.net updates

    Post by stathmk Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:12 pm

    Some Bethesda.net Updates

    Updates before January 1:
    -There are over 600 Bethesda manuals at https://bethesda.net/en/manuals depending on the game and language that you need.
    -I thought that in the news from 2019, that there will eventually be Orion or Project Orion to Stream Bethesda games at https://bethesda.net/en/game/orion.  I'm sure that they put a lot of thought and effort into it, but I feel that I'm missing info.  It makes me shrug my shoulders and ask, "Somebody please explain how this is better or different."
    -According to the 2019 news, there's going to be a Bethesda.net Commander Keen cell phone game.
    -On November 7, 2019, Bethesda.net and The Doom Slayers Club added a customizable, almost HUD (Heads Up Display) style avatar to your online profile from here.  I suppose that you could change it to almost look like Blascowicz.
    -On November 12, 2019, Wolfenstein Youngblood Update 1.0.7 was released.  You get Treasure Hunt missions and maps, new abilities and pep signals, and new skins.  Read about it here.

    January 9th or 10th News Items:
    -Wolfenstein Youngblood now has an update of RTX (Ray-traced reflections) and NVIDIA DLSS. Read about it here.

    Some Bethesda.net updates WY-RTX10SecondsShrunk
    ...about 10 seconds into The RTX Trailer on Youtube.

    Some Bethesda.net updates WY-RTX26SecondsShrunk
    ...about 26 seconds into The RTX Trailer on Youtube.

    -There are now additional features to Classic Doom and Doom II.  You may go to here and click at the top at "Doom and Doom 2 now run at 60 fps thanks to a new patch from Bethesda," or read at destructoid, or read in an Android Doom article, or here on Bethesda.net.  This includes quicksaves.  You start by getting Ultimate Doom (4 episodes of 9 levels each), Doom II: Hell on Earth (30 levels and 2 Wolfenstein 3D secret levels), TNT Evilution (32 levels for Doom 2), The Plutonia Experiment (32 levels for Doom 2), SIGIL 1.2 (8 or 9 levels by John Romero for Ultimate Doom), and the option of community wads.  You already can download it now.  I checked on downloading it and Doom Classic Complete from Steam includes Master Levels for Doom II, which is 20 levels and a secret level.  I just heard about these features from the articles yesterday and I don't know if this means that this launcher or source port is compatible with ID Software's Doom clones like The Chex Quest series, The Heretic series, The Hexen series, The Strife series, and Hacx 1.2.  I'm a little bit excited about it because there are plenty of WolfenDoom 2 mods on my page.  By the ways, later this year I want to re-organize Wolfensteingoodies.com to make it easier to navigate, delete some outdated and awkward fluff, and delete most of the kind of projects that I started that only I cared about.

    -January 14, 2020 News: Doom Eternal - Official Trailer 2.  At 1:41, is that Shao Khan from The Mortal Kombat series?  EDIT: No, he's the Imperial Marauder according to the The Slayer's Club.
    By the ways, Doom Eternal is available in March for Google Stadia.  It's MetalJesusRocks on Youtube that made a logical and compelling case to not buy The Google Stadia.  EDIT 2: I hope that Doom Eternal has Snapmap, but I don't know yet.
    Post for Doom Eternal - Official Trailer 2: https://wolf3d.darkbb.com/t3616-wolf-and-other-video-game-spam-thread#30533

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    Some Bethesda.net updates Empty Re: Some Bethesda.net updates

    Post by Sam122 Thu Mar 05, 2020 3:53 am

    It's ok I guess

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