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    Returning back.

    Wolf3d n00b
    Wolf3d n00b

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    Returning back. Empty Returning back.

    Post by Crashratchet22 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:30 am

    This is Crashratchet22 here, I once had an older account here, but I deleted my old email by mistake, so I'm no longer Dakota Hedgepeth. I hope I didn't upset anyone, and I'm hoping to be back on working Mac scenarios, whenever I get a Macintosh on hand. Thanks.

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    Returning back. Empty Re: Returning back

    Post by stathmk on Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:01 pm

    Hello again.  I remember you.
    Officer-Michael John is out of the picture on wolf3d.darkbb.com and Diehard Wolfers.  Tristan’s Wolf Front is canceled or on hold indefinitely.  For whatever reason, Andy Nonymous hasn’t logged in since February 2015 and I hope he’s OK.  Brian isn’t normally typing anymore.  Some of the guys have released Shadow Genesis Beta part 1 at https://wolf3d.darkbb.com/t2993-shadow-genesis and it looks well polished.  This is not to be confused with that southeast asian Shadow Warrior game.  There’s still Team Raycast and they still put together spectacular games.  Barry Christian seems to have put together some great games.
    If you want to join Diehard Wolfers and can’t, then send me a message with the username and email address that you want to use.  Then I’ll try to whitelist you.  At the moment diehardwolfers.areyep is down.
    Please follow this topic for me: https://wolf3d.darkbb.com/t3305-wolfenstein-goodies-news-thread

    Just to clear up some confusion, Valdo from Estonia has the username “Valts” on wolf3d.darkbb.com and Diehard Wolfers.  Barry Christian is “Vaultkeeper” on Diehard Wolfers.  Barry Christian has started http://wolfenvault.com/ since you seem to have left.  In about February, I don’t remember if I messaged you to your Dakota Hedgepeth account that I submitted a spreadsheet including a list of your graphics contributions to Barry.  This year, I really need to send a final spreadsheet of mods and graphics that I found to Barry for his web site.  I know I need to ask Thomas about his spreadsheet.

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