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    Wolfenstein3d mailorder original

    Wolf3d n00b
    Wolf3d n00b

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    Wolfenstein3d mailorder original Empty Wolfenstein3d mailorder original

    Post by Number6 on Fri Jun 24, 2016 11:30 pm

    Hey fellow wolf fans I was hoping to pick your brains to gauge the value of this item

    I have been trying to get my hands on a mail order original copy of wolfenstein3d and think I have come across someone who has it

    I just wanted to get some thoughts and check facts before I approach them about it

    from what I know Apogee were the company that first released/published this game for id software is this correct?

    I have seen retail boxed copies of wolfenstein 3d sell for between US$50 all the way to $US350 depending on the condition and type
    but I have never seen a mail order original copy of wolf sell and have nothing to go by. What do you guys think is a good price for an item like this

    Wolfenstein3d mailorder original Wolfenstein%203D%20Mail%20Order%20Apoge%20ID

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    Wolfenstein3d mailorder original Empty Check back in 2 days

    Post by stathmk on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:51 am

    I think jpb681991 has the instruction booklet scans.  Or the 3Drealms.com forum has it.  Or replacementdocs.com has it.

    The manual scans are from wolfensteingoodies.com & diehardwolfers.com.

    I can scan the box art & upload it for you next month.

    I thought I bought Wolfenstein 3D, the 3 episodes of Spear of Destiny, & Return to Castle Wolfenstein all together for $15 from steampowered.com.  You might be able to get them from gog.com, half.com, origin.com, & ebay.

    I've also scanned the 3 manuals of Spear of Destiny.

    I'm sorry, but I will leave in an hour & be gone for 2 days.  Check back in 2 days for the links.

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