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    W Goodies for Feb 2 to Feb 8, 2014


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    W Goodies for Feb 2 to Feb 8, 2014 Empty W Goodies for Feb 2 to Feb 8, 2014

    Post by stathmk on Sat Feb 08, 2014 9:08 pm

    I know I need to fix the broken Dopefish link from January.  OK, now let's get started!:

    February 8, 2014: Macintosh Scarab of Ra Freeware Version
    The Scarab of Ra (now on Youtube) is a 1980s Macintosh game that now has an emulated freeware version. It was 3D before Wolfenstein 3D, but it had no animations. You just walk to the next square by clicking on the arrows. The first level at the pyramid top was 3x3 squares, then 4x4 squares, and so on. My character seemed to die around level 10. The object of the game apparently is to get the staff of Ra, scarab of Ra, another artifact, and exit alive. It's on my Macintosh page .
    February 7, 2014: Bobsled & Other Freeware Macintosh 3D Games
    Today is the first day of The Sochi Winter Olympic Games. "Bobsled" from "Epyx Presents Winter Games By Action Graphics" is the first 3D perspective animated game that I ever remember playing. But only part of it, one window, is 3D. I've started a black-and-white Macintosh and Macintosh Plus page  that will have freeware 3D games like flight simulators, adventures, and RPGs.
    Feb 6, 2014: Team Raycast's Operation Eisenfaust: Origins: Xmas Pack
    I was unaware in 2012 that Operation Eisenfaust: Origins had a Christmas pack. It includes the original Operation Eisenfaust: Origins with 29 story mode regular maps, 3 story mode secret maps, 10 bonus maps accessed by collecting items, and 6 new Christmas pack maps. Fences can now shock you. Xmas pack mappers are RonWolf, DoomJedi (detailed credits in "Xmas pack ReadMe.txt") The 6 exciting Christmas bonus maps are accessible immediately including 1 revisited scrapped bonus map from original "Eisenfaust!" New maps make a good use of "Eisenfaust" features and ideas sometimes underused in the original game. Read the Haven thread or download it at Wolfenstein Goodies  or the moddb.com thread .
    February 5, 2014: Vincents Schousboe's Krankenstein Hospital
    There are 39 seamless maps. It includes Brian Lowe's exe from 'Revival of Memories' and there is a 'normal' and an SDL version. The SDL version works better (many Hitler's ghosts). All information and credits are in 'READ THIS' in the game. Download non-SDL  or SDL .
    February 4, 2014: The Secret of Graal Web Site Updated
    The Secret of Graal web site has been updated here . It's made by Daniele Fardin with music by his wife Elena Betteto. There's a professional looking animated intro screen in Italian for Human Games. There are no save games and you have to remember a password to go back to your map. Download .
    February 3, 2014: Ipank7000's Trilogy - iLow 3D SDL
    Ipank7000's Trilogy - iLow 3D SDL has 28 regular and 2 secret maps spread out over 3 episodes. Features include new graphics and firing 2 pistols at the same time. The toggle features are 1) Enable wall sounds 2) Color flashing & 3) In-game message. There's a thread and a download  of the February 1st file edited to make it easier for 100% on the levels.
    February 2, 2014: PDGamer2012's The Spear Ver 3
    PDGamer2012's ver 3.0 of his 2nd Wolf mod The Spear. It's pretty much the same exe wise as it was when released in 2011 but ver 3.0 has 2 extra keys even though they don't show on the status bar. The maps have obviously been slightly changed to adapt to the new code changes, some later maps require 3 keys and access to super secret maps & areas are now well hidden (often where one wouldn't expect a secret area). There are also a couple of different songs new to version 3.0 he converted to IMF himself, it still retains the original Spear of Destiny style very well and includes a detailed word document. 18+1 normal, 2 secret, 6 super secret, and 2 ultra secret maps. It runs smoothly in DOSBox. Download .
    EDIT: Tricob told me that the Macintosh links aren't working in Mozilla Firefox.  They work in Chrome on my computer.

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