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A friendly Wolfenstein 3D community, about Wolfenstein 3D, the game that gave birth to first person shooters...


    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Message : I made this forum when I was 13 High on Drugs
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    Post by Dark_wizzie Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:16 pm

    Template Overall_footer optimization
    by The Godfather Yesterday at 2:41 am

    .Dear Users,

    To always improve our services and give you more capabilities to customize your forum pages, and also a better stability in their architecture, we offer you a new update, bringing an improvement at the level of the overall_footer Template.

    This improvement will give you the possibility to better personalize the footer of your different forum pages


    What is it exactly about ?

    Concretely, the engine that generates the footer of your forum was revised and optimized with a division of the template of footer in two parts : overall_footer_begin for the start of the footer and overall_footer_end for the end of te footer.

    Enlarge this imageReduce this image Click to see fullsize...

    The two parts combined, allow an optimized and more stabilized view than the previous version of this template.

    I already have a personnalized template overall_footer, do I risk to lose it ?

    No, don't fear to lose any data. Like after any template update, Forumotion only updates default templates and not the personnalized ones. And that, just to not disturb the operation of changes that administrators have set up. Since then, every administrator is free to do the update of his own templates, if he wish it. Nevertheless, it is recommended to always keep your templates updated to guarantee the good operation of all the features of your forum.

    In the only case of this update, and to save personnalized overall_footer templates on forums that have changed them, we copied all the content of the old template overall_footer in the new template overall_footer_begin, and this, only for forums that have changed this template.

    Then, it's the duty of every administrator to reorganize his codes between those 2 new templates to get an optimal display of the footer of his forum, depending on what he wants to get. Don't update his forum templates, is take the risk to provoke some little display errors (shift of the copyrights line from the forum for example). So, that's not a technical bug but just a code distribution default on the administrator's personnalized template, between the 2 new templates overall_footer_begin and overall_footer_end.


    We hope that this improvement, from your own proposals, will give you complete satisfaction

    See you soon, with some others ideas and news !

    Forumotion Team .

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