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    Nitemare 3D mapeditor


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    Nitemare 3D mapeditor Empty Nitemare 3D mapeditor

    Post by johny4 Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:20 am

    I would like to manage your own MapEditor but I do not know how I write source code. Whereas my own MapEditor Wolf3D me, I was thinking by taking the code from Wolf3D MapEditor and modifying it for the game Nitemare3D. MapEditor was able to read and of course also modify the map of nitemare3d.

    WOlf3d Map editor
    only Pascal

    31.1.2011 23:05

    I discovered a structure that unlike the gamemaps and maphead(wolfenstein 3D and Spear of destiny system of mapping).
    I didnt found the maps name. first map begins at address 202 hex, decimal, and the end of 2202 hex decimal address.(for map MAP01)

    Each map has a size of 8192 bytes decimal, hexadecimal 2000 . Size of map is 64x64 ,64x64 multiply by 2 and get 8192(2000 hexadecimal)

    At the beginning Map.1 513 byte MapViewer is not used, used only a game.
    first byte is for the wall and the object types.
    513 - wall 514 - object to the coordinates (0,0)
    515 - wall 516 - object to the coordinates (0.1)
    (x, y)- axes

    1.2.2011 12:08

    Nitemare 3D mapeditor Map1_010
    Nitemare 3D mapeditor Map_0012

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