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    New Funtions?

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    New Funtions? Empty New Funtions?

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:22 pm

    NEW UPDATE : Facebook Connect and other features!

    A new update is now ready and up for your pleasure! Please check out below for all the functionalities :

    - The alert messages to the approach of the expiration date of the coin features (Admin panel home):

    Allows admins to be aware of the statutes of paying options for their forums.

    - Number of characters in the signature goes from 500 to 1000

    - Added WYSIWYG editing in the field of the signature on the member's profile via the profile + Admin Panel

    In the profile of a member:

    In the Admin Panel:

    - Added WYSIWYG editing in the field of PM welcome in the Admin Panel

    - Automatic registration in a group goes from 1 to 0 message.

    - Number of possible HTML pages on a forum increases from 127 to 500

    - FaceBook Connect System:
    You can now attach your Facebook account to our forums, and fasten the registration process
    TUTORIAL : http://help.forumotion.com/frequently-asked-questions-f5/facebook-connect-t73698.htm

    - Password power indicator on the registration page, profile + Admin Panel.

    Did you know?
    That the chatbox in the forum portal is resize-able?

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