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    Half-way back...

    Bring em' On!
    Bring em' On!

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    Half-way back...

    Post by Airslide on Wed Jul 16, 2008 9:54 am

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I've been absent so long. I've been doing a lot of stuff in the realm of modern game creation (and some HL2 modding while I was at it) and as such haven't done a whole lot with Wolfenstein 3D. I was making HUGE strides around November (or October maybe) 2007 but after I got a vista computer it slowed down. I haven't tried the new version of Wolf3D that uses that cross platform system yet, but if it works well I'll probably switch to that.

    I've got a great idea for a mod that will let other people mod easier - including ways to define custom doors, throw switches that activate certain objects (such as a spawn point for guards), and ways to tag objects as destructible, flammable, or explosive all in the map editor. I would of course provide several new weapons (flamethrower, rocket launcher, maybe a tesla gun? haven't seen that done WELL yet), extra enemies, stuff like that. Ultimately the big aspect of it though will be the customization through the map - if I can figure it out, you'll be able to tag any wall as a door the way you would tag them as secret walls. An extra map plane would be added to allow for object tags. The extra plane would also be used for extra parameters for wall objects. I haven't figured out High-byte Low-byte in WDC yet but I haven't played with it recently, but if it works as I expect you could do the following.

    Place a wall that looks like a switch. On the same tile place the object that defines a switch. Then place a guard at tile position 10,10. Go to plane 3 (or whatever I use for "properties") and place the plane that defines a spawn. Then, on the wall tile, go to high-byte (keep in mind I still don't know how these work so I may actually need an extra plane) and put in a value of 10 manualy. Then go to low-byte and do the same.

    So when you go up to the wall that's been defined as a switch, it will read in the two values you entered and look in tile 10 for a guard that hasn't spawned yet (he wouldn't spawn at the start because of the spawn property) and spawn him.

    If you understood any of that, tell me what you think. Keep in mind I'm still rather busy at the moment and can't get into the project right now.

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    Re: Half-way back...

    Post by lilmanjs on Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:23 am

    your ideas sound great airslide. glad to see you back.

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