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    Wolfenstein Wallpapers Thread

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    Wolfenstein Wallpapers Thread

    Post by stathmk on Sun Oct 30, 2016 4:07 pm

    October 2009: In October 2009, I won a free copy of Wolfenstein 2009 from the contest at planetwolfenstein.com.  The idea was to make before the deadline a 1680x1050 Halloween wallpaper advertising planetwolfenstein.com.  I won because I was the only person following all the rules.  I can't believe that every year since 2009 that I've forgotten to post the wallpaper.  Here's my winning entry:

    Here’s the same thing before the fire painted on:
    If you want to visit planetwolfenstein.com before the webmaster retired & ign.com took over, then go to archive.org.
    If you find a link that I haven't heard of to wallpapers for for a Wolfenstein-themed game, then you can post the links here in the wallpapers thread.

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