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    ammo box in wolf3d

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    ammo box in wolf3d Empty ammo box in wolf3d

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Sun Apr 29, 2007 1:41 pm


    Code Editing Tutorials
    Adding the 25 ammo box into Wolf

    Step 1:

    Open WL_ACT1.C and choose a sprite to edit, I chose Suit of Armor:


    Step 2: (in this case) replace "block" with "bo_25clip"

    Save it DON'T COMPILE.

    Step 3: Open WL_AGENT.C and do a search for:"bo_25clip"

    (no quotes) and you should find this:

    #ifdef SPEAR

    case bo_25clip:

    if (gamestate.ammo == 99)



    GiveAmmo (25);//change this to your liking



    First, remove "#ifdef SPEAR" and "#endif", NOW change "GETAMMOBOXSND" to a valid wolf3d sound!! (I used "BONUS1SND" because it is very similar. (GETAMMOBOXSND doesn't exist in Wolf 3D!)

    OPTIONAL: Change "25" to your liking!

    Step 3: Complie WL_AGENT.C first then WL_ACT1.C and link up!

    Now have fun with your new ammo Box!

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