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    no damage flash in godmode

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    no damage flash in godmode Empty no damage flash in godmode

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Sun Apr 29, 2007 1:31 pm

    Code Editing Tutorials
    Removing Damage Flashing in God Mode

    Don't you get irritated and aggravated everytime you get shot while in Godmode and your screen turns red? I do. Here's how to disable it(not forever, only when the player is in Godmode). It's freaking easy, so this is a good starter.

    Step 1. Go to your source directory and open the file WL_AGENT.C .

    Step 2. Do a search for StartDamageFlash. The first hit will be line 406. This one is the one we need to alter.

    Step 3. Go to the beginning of the line and press Enter.
    Step 4. On the new blank space, type (no quotes):

    if (!godmode)

    Now your the code looks like this:

    if (!godmode)

    StartDamageFlash (points);

    Step 5. Now, it'll look nice if we show B.J.'s God Mode picture (like in SOD), so go to line 274, where you'll see:

    #ifdef SPEAR

    if (godmode)

    StatusDrawPic (17,4,GODMODEFACE1PIC+gamestate.faceframe);

    Step 6. Change that with(for instance):

    #ifdef SPEAR

    if (godmode)

    StatusDrawPic (17,4,MUTANTBJPIC);


    Step 7. Save the file and compile it. Now you have the chance to kill off everything with your knife in Godmode, since there's no red flash anymore, plus B.J. shows his "God Mode Face" too(when you redrawed it). Snazzy!

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