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    Planet J:Captain Buck Tanner and the Space Clowns from Hades

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    Planet J:Captain Buck Tanner and the Space Clowns from Hades

    Post by jayngo26 on Sat Aug 14, 2010 11:03 pm


    Nexion, creator of Planet Nexion & Jayngo, creator of Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings have joined forces to form NexJay Studios.

    Our very first release will be called: PLANET J: CAPTAIN BUCK TANNER AND THE SPACE CLOWNS FROM HADES.

    Ever wonder if Planet Nexion had a spin-off trash 50's sci-fi sister??? Well, look no further! PLANET J will give you what your heart's always desired. More craziness!

    Here is a rundown of planned features:*

    -Space Clowns from Hades
    -Cannibal Pirates from Jupiter
    -Cloned Michael Jackson's that throw noses
    -10 outlandish levels that will melt your brain
    -Pink Bunnies
    -Razor-blade pizzas
    -Tetris blocks
    -Swiss army knife with Bruce Lee kicking leg extension
    -White Hole Generator**
    -All new story based on trashy sci-fi 50's b-movie quality
    -And much, much more.***

    Planet J will be using a modified version of the Planet Nex and Wolfenstein Umbrella Beginnings engines combined. So expect crazy events to take place! Whew Dynomite!

    Check back every couple of years as we update this thread.

    Some of which may never even see the light of day.
    **Opposite of Black Hole Generator.
    ***We'll let you know when we think it up.


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    Re: Planet J:Captain Buck Tanner and the Space Clowns from Hades

    Post by stathmk on Sun Aug 15, 2010 12:07 pm

    Uh, did your pharmacist accidentally give you the high-potency happy-pill instead of your regular medicine?
    @jayngo26 wrote:...-Tetris blocks...
    I was playing Femstein and there were TVs hooked up to Nintendos or Super Nintendos with animated Tetris blocks on the screen.

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