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    Don't Hurt Me!
    Don't Hurt Me!

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    Post by MrGerolf on Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:52 pm

    10 level Addon for Wolfenstein 3d.

    -Code changes:
    blue menus
    new endtext
    no episode select.

    coding is not done yet, i am starting on levels, tonight. there was another addon that WSJ did coding for me, but i lost the files, and decided not to do that other project. so this one comes 1st Smile a screen shot will be up soon.

    if anyone is making a mod, and wants me to make levels, i have no problem doing so, i am researching coding tonight as well, so i will soon be able to code as well. the next addon i make is called "holy Grail" which is a sequal to Spear of Destiny, but a prequal to Wolfenstein 3d (duh) Heinrich Himmler will make an appearence!! email me some tips and suggestions!
    at herrgerolf@live.com

    -Herr Gerolf

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