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    Super Haven Mapset Story

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Super Haven Mapset Story

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Sat Dec 26, 2009 6:25 pm

    The story of the mapset is something I (Dark_wizzie) made up because I got bored. Please don't judge it. Sad
    You are BJ. Well, duh, who else can you be? Anyways....after Hitler died, his huge army of SS hid underground.
    That's why the US was able to destroy 'The Third Reich'. Or so they thought. No one suspected any army in
    hiding. Well, after the time comes, they would start launching the new Reich: The Fourth Reich, started by some unknown

    Episode 1: Teh Blastin' Fortress

    Anyways, you, BJ, is on a mission to find the purpose of this huge Nazi fortress near Hitler's Bunker. Or so, it was
    Planned. You were told to come back as soon as you find out. But you couldn't leave. As soon as you came in, you realized
    that you were followed. The mutants and guards sealed your entrance. You can actually see that on level 1. Turn around and
    see the sealed door. Only one way out. To go on top of this blasting fortress, come out alive, and climb down of the
    ...Good Luck ^^


    Episode 2: Mutant Knowledge

    Somehow, the mutants developed the ability to think. Already they are more powerful and fearsome than any normal
    footsoldier. You must enter the Mutant Knowledge Development Center, aka MKDC. Start from a small isle that leads into a
    fortress. This fortress guards many places, and one of them includes a secret sewer tunnel connection to the MKDC.
    Don't let the world down!


    Episode 3: Sewer Unrest
    Sure, you took down the MKDC. Great job. But is this just the tip of the iceberg? Who started this facility? And
    where are the mutants coming from? Schabbs is dead, but it seems as if nothing has changed. What is going on here? Unrest
    builds up again at the old Sewer Facility you already cleared...


    Episode 4: Undieing
    Seems like Schabbs wasn't really quite dead. But that begs the question: How did he relive? Who is behind all of
    this? How will you stop the creation of all mutants? After you climb out of the Sewers (Hellhole!), you quickly realize
    that something is a wee bit off... The things don't add up... What is going on here?


    Episode 5: Route of all Evil
    Far away in a remote island, there is a village mounting in steel blocks for no reason. Upon entering, you find out
    that there are mutants here. Could this place help explain how to stop all mutants?


    Episode 6: Confrontation
    After finding out that the "island" is really a gigantic Nazi Base, you prepare to confront the undead General F.
    again. There seems to be mounting resistance, though, and killing him this time is not quite as easy. You see, since the last
    time he died, he had some time to think about how to place his guards to guard his whole base effectively. Good luck. And
    it will be a Showdown, indeed.


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    Re: Super Haven Mapset Story

    Post by Unusedbattery on Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:33 pm

    Sounds interesting, however are you planning to do an all-mutant mod? Or are there going to be some human enemies too?

    EDIT: I should really read the topic dates before I post. Sorry for the bump.
    Hardcore Wolfer
    Hardcore Wolfer

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    Re: Super Haven Mapset Story

    Post by lilmanjs on Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:31 pm

    @Unusedbattery wrote:Sounds interesting, however are you planning to do an all-mutant mod? Or are there going to be some human enemies too?

    EDIT: I should really read the topic dates before I post. Sorry for the bump.
    a bunch of the people from this forum are a part of Team Aardwolf and are making a mod that is heavily about mutants

    Mods being worked on:
    The Mutant Uprising, Final Fight 2
    Mod ideas:
    Stargate SG-1 addon, Mega Man addon
    Team Aardwolf Mods:
    The Mutant Uprising, Ghost
    Mods being worked on with other people:
    Return to Castle Hollehammer with Raziel A. (Karharis)
    Award winning mods:
    The Final Fight

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    Re: Super Haven Mapset Story

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