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    Does anybody have The Wolf3D GBA eReader cards or Australian trading cards?


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    Does anybody have The Wolf3D GBA eReader cards or Australian trading cards?

    Post by stathmk on Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:31 pm

    According to this web site: http://www.vc-forums.com/list-n-tally-gba-n-e-reader-games-t7146.html , there are apparently 2 eReader cards for Wolfenstein 3D for The Game Boy Advance. I went to Ebay and typed in eReader and there were lots of hits. But I typed in “Wolfenstein eReader” and there were no hits. Then I typed in “Wolfenstein card” and it was one hit, an Australian Wolfenstein 3D trading card, and this auction ends on July 21st. I’ve attached a picture of the Wolfenstein 3D trading card and it’s apparently one of nine:

    The eReader is a snap-on card reader for the Game Boy Advance and maybe also The Game Boy DS. The cards gave you special abilities, challenges, or levels. The Japanese cards won’t work in the American eReader, and vice versa. Some of the Japanese eReader cards were never released for the American version. For instance, I understand that for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Brothers 3, that the eWorld card was never released in America. I think that some eReader cards were recalled off store shelves in North America. On somebody’s web site, (s)he types that you can scan and print out a friend’s card’s dot code to use in your own eReader.

    I want to have a new Wolf3d web site by New Year’s Day including posting scans of the cards if I can find them. So, does anybody have the Wolfenstein 3D Game Boy Advance eReader cards? Does anybody besides on Ebay have any of the nine Australian trading cards? How do you like the eReader cards? What do the eReader cards do for Wolfenstein 3D?

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