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Princess Peach

Tab-O using the EGAGRAPH - Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:48 am

Yesterday I thought it would be fun to get Tab-O working with the EGAGRAPH, then after uncommenting the #if 0 stuff I noticed the left/top side didn't line up with the inside border by default in v1.4 for some reason so I looked at NY00123's v1.0 restoration code then made the mistake of trying Aryan's Wolf4GW version, and after seeing how awesome it's Tab-O looked I thought "man, getting it to work with EGAGRAPH would be a waste of time, this already looks way better and already runs efficiently in Dos! Why bother creating an INFERIOR product?" haha

EGAGRAPH, owned and humiliated.

The End


Reinstating the overhead map function in Wolf3D - Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:36 pm

I inserted the function you provided and commented out the other one. When I compiled it there were more errors than it had before. I decided to start over. After looking at NY00123's code, I realized that he didn't change or add anything, yet the program compiles to an exact duplicate of the original 1.0, and if that's true then that means the map function, as written, should be usable in any newer version if you know what to edit. I went back to a fresh copy of the WL_Debug.C file and began again. I commented each #if 0 and corresponding #endif one at a time and compiled to see what would happen. Everything was fine (as far as no errors in compile or build) until I removed the last one in the ViewMap() function. Now, just because it compiled and built with the other ones commented doesn't mean the map worked, cause it didn't. But the program ran the way it should otherwise. The problem it had in execution is that if you pressed TAB-O, you had to hit ESC twice to go back to the menu and then return to the game before any other cheats would work again. They would work until you pressed TAB-O, then not work until you went back to the menu and returned to the game again. When I removed the last #if 0, the first error came in. It says that the c in c.button0 is an undefined symbol. c.button0 is treated by that code as a boolean value, in the first case testing for it being true and button0held being false (!button0held), and in the second case checking to see if c.button0 is false (!c.button0). Looking at the function, button0held is being defined as a boolean variable and initially set to false. (I had to un-comment that assignment statement.) c.button0 is not defined anywhere in the file, so I am assuming it must be a global variable of some sort, but I haven't found it in any of the files included in the WL_Debug.C file or that are included in the WL_Def.H file. I would like to know where c.button0 is defined, and to understand why that particular part of the ViewMap() function was set to a compiler directive. Can either of you elaborate?

Oh, by not work, I mean that pressing the keys (like TAB-G to toggle god mode) wouldn't do anything until you went back to the menu and returned to the game.

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