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    Two Upcoming Lost World Parts

    Richter Belmont
    Richter Belmont
    Bring em' On!
    Bring em' On!

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    lost - Two Upcoming Lost World Parts Empty Two Upcoming Lost World Parts

    Post by Richter Belmont on Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:01 pm

    Here are two Upcoming to the Lost World Saga

    The Lost World Part 2: The Legend of the Gothic Knights - Uses the Rising Evil Source Code With Advance Changes

    The Lost World Part 8: Hell Unleashed - Uses the SDL Source code (Which i'm working hard it get it to work and figuring how work out this source code base)

    Thats all for the Lost World Saga.....I'll be coming up with more Saga's after Part 8 is done

    Edit: Good News...i've goten the hang of the SDL source Code for Wolf3d but i'm not using it right away........Part 2 will be my last time using the normal Source Code with BC31.....

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