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    The Lost Relic Finished on Hardest Difficulty

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    lost - The Lost Relic Finished on Hardest Difficulty Empty The Lost Relic Finished on Hardest Difficulty

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:57 pm

    This is me playing the last level of The Lost Relic, notorious of its difficulty, on the hardest difficulty level for the last level. I did kind of cheap out there by shooting the fuel barrels of the boss room, where I should have gotten the key for it instead by killing all of the monsters, but whatever. The start of the level is the hardest anyways. It was a challenge, (a unique one at that because of how I had to run and adapt to the fighting style of the enemies, and adapting really is required to finish the level with minimal ammo usage) but it wasn't completely cut-throat. Although if it were, I'd might have to knife some bosses. *shudders* That would be too slow for me to enjoy. Which is harder, The Lost Relic or Sod, Haven Style? Only you can decide... (that is, if you are able to finish either on hardest difficulty!)

    Yes, I know the video skips in places and skips the part where I killed the final boss, but he was pretty close to death anyways. Once I got to the final boss alone, it was pretty easy.

    The thing about this level is that you start with just a knife and tons of ammo lying around. Don't pick those up, because the ammo literally disapears and you won't get it when you get the weapon. I've gotta knife the mummy (already dead at save file), then run to the mossy room in the video with the weapon for the level. Once I get it, it gives me weapons below it. (Sniper is what, number 7 on the numpad for the weapon? It gives weapons 1-6). No rocket launcher/Nordenfelt/Bitzweiger, but still. I remember saying last time, there was blitzweigner ammo lying around, whatta troll! But yeah, watch the video, you'll see the tactics I used to get by.

    I decided not to cut out the tries when I died, to show you how I found the winning route. (There is more than one way to finish this, but this is the best method I've found so far.) I have finished this level before quite a while back, on easiest difficulty. The biggest worry isn't the damage they do, it's the extra resistence to ammo they probably have. Regardless, this has been a blast. I like mods with a lot of difficulty in them, more than the average player.

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