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    Tue Dec 14, 2010 9:32 pm
    Message by WolfForever - Sonder reconsideration - My analysis on the situation
    Hello, I am WolfForever. I have been playing Wolfenstein and Spear for many many years. And I've played many of the greats, like I just finished Areyep and MCS's "Spear: End of Destiny" (only 6 years after I should have!). And I think, if it be released, that Sonder will easily join the list.

    Therefore while I understand it will take some time for your emotions to wind down, I strongly hope along with many others of the community that you reconsider cancellation of Sonder and release it at some point in the not-too-distant future.

    But rather than "blindly convincing" you to change your mind, I have what I most strongly believe is the appropriate way to go at this point in time.

    My suggestion is, I'd be totally quiet about it, generate no additional hype, and just release it "out of the blue" some day in a couple of weeks/months or so - that way, there will not be further emotional build up prior to the actual release, as everyone will "think" it is cancelled, and it will not be further "pre-judged". I truly do think it would be a total shame - maybe even an insult to the entire Wolf community - to cancel the mod forever, especially with the rest of the team giving the go signal.

    On that whole topic, I play a successor of Wolfenstein, Doom, and just about a month ago I saw a project of similar hype be released in the midst of all its hype and have a dreadful fate as a result. The project is called "Stronghold", and following its release, a huge, week-long flamewar erupted with comments powerfully hurting the creators' emotions. That makes me thing even more that stopping talking about it for even a short amount of time, and letting the hype in the community die down as fewer and fewer people eagerly anticipate a final release, would be the best thing, the right thing, to do.

    I think the Doom project would have avoided the awful flamewar had even just a short-ish pause in hype/progress announcements preceeded its release. People stop expecting to see it, and when they do, it comes in a surprising mood, rather than a mood of looking for bashing and criticism following so much hype surrounding the project.

    Remember, there's a saying, hype CAN be the killer, it CAN be "poison", as might be said. And that's exactly what I feel was the moral of the story with Stronghold, and it is also what I feel is becoming the moral of the story here.

    Finally, even if a project does receive that type of undue and uncalled-for negative attention, people move on. About a week after the flamewar with "Stronghold" ended, I contacted one of its main authors. And he said, to quote his exact words, "The only thing that's been stopped here is me giving a toss about Stronghold from this point on.". I really do believe that is the proper attitute to have, even should the worst come to pan out, in these types of situations.

    Please do not worry about giving me personal/confidential information, such as whether you find my plan to be one of consideration. Any information in a reply you send, I promise I will not spread the word, under any circumstances, without your explicit permission.

    And I am not, nor do I intend to become, a part of the emontional havoc that has erupted over the past week or so. In fact I firmly believe basing a mod on a real event, no matter how devastating or how emotional the event may be, is an action that, in the long run, will be well-received by the community.

    If you need a few days just to wind down before even making a reply, feel free. I'd rather wait a few days and hope to see potential good news rather than just more depressing news. This message is being sent mainly to try and invoke the encouragement necessary for a reconsideration of how to go from this point forward. And on that matter, make no mistake, I can't say it enough: I believe cancelling this project permanently would be a terrible choice and a huge blow in the community.

    All in all, I just really hope you find my message to be calming, and perhaps convincing towards a reconsideration of where to go.

    I have also sent this message into your email account on Yahoo!. I may even make a small summary post regarding my thoughts, but only will if you don't mind, and there's no intended pressure for that specific thing. I would have even considered registering for the DieHard forums and sending a message there, but unfortunately it seems their new user registration is broken. That's just how important I feel it is that this mod be released.



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