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WASD + weapon keys config for Wolf4SDL (and most Wolf4SDL Mods) - Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:30 pm

Simple guide how to get additional controls (WASD, weapon binds, pause key) for Wolf4SDL. You still have to live with the y-axis movement of the mouse but that shouldn't be a problem if you got a stable hand.

You only have to edit the config.wl6 file with a hex editor. It takes less than a minute if you have a hex editor already installed.

You can also try this pre-made config.wl6 for Wolf4SDL 1.7 which features WSAD, Q = next weapon, R = previous weapon


If you know how to edit files you can also just jump to step 6.

1. Have a config.wl6 (config.xx for mods) in your folder or let Wolf4SDL create one

2. Open the file in a hex editor and scroll until you see something like "1 2 3 4"

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3. Change some keys in the menu and quit after

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4. If you reopen the file you should see something like this now

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5. Let's change some more keys just for fun

Topics tagged under 5 on Wolf3d Haven Forum Cfg410

6. This file is as #5 but with some extra edits after the "1 2 3 4"

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This what the keys should do after you save the file.
1 - knife
2 - pistol
3 - machinegun
7 - chaingun
r - run
o - open
f - fire
q - strafe
u - left
i - right
w - forward
s - backward
a - strafe left
d - strafe right
n - next weapon
l - previous weapon
e - exit/main menu key
p - pause key

You can edit the movement and weapon binds as you like. Make sure you edit the exact same spots after the last weapon bind (chaingun) as seen on the screen. If you change something in the game menu it won't overwrite your new extra keys.

Example ==============================================================

If you just want strafe left/right keys (h and k) and nothing else:

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H/K are at the same spots as A/D in step 6.

Mods ==============================================================

Mods should have the same pattern between the keys but if anything goes wrong you can always delete the config and create a new one.

7. Mods with changes. Maybe a mod has 6 weapon keys. Keep the same pattern and you might get something like this:

Topics tagged under 5 on Wolf3d Haven Forum Cfg611
q - next weapon
f - prev weapon
a - left strafe
d - right strafe

and rest being the default controls.


This should work for 99% of Wolf4SDL mods but there can be always some differences due to source edits. Some mods have extra weapon keys so you have to count the same steps after the last weapon. Some have maybe other keys. Maybe some mods removed the strafe keys totally and it won't work at all.

You can find my boring config hack also written by a Zombie on this nice Wolf3D News site http://wolf3d.morezombies.net/guides/mods-with-strafe/
Maybe his words make it more clear what i was actually doing. Anyways, make sure to check out the site for all the news and mods : P

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