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Knights of the SS - Castle Court an (stable) Alpha Demo - Sun May 07, 2017 2:05 am

I had to censor it because I'm new and can't post an email address. 

Falcon 93 Studios ; KSS : BA: Castle Court Alpha Demo :   'Read Me' File wrote:
Knights of the SS : Armour of Beowulf.
Mission 3 Castle Court
V 1.0
    Secret Catacombs that house the Grand Lodge of the Order of the Magi of the Radiant Star.
  3rd of June 1937
Brother Mueller I have something most serious to ask of you on behalf of our Order, as a friend I would ask you not to go..
for it is gravely dangerous, but I also know how important it is for the resistance.
And I know you are the best agent for the mission.
My Brother we need you to sneak into the Castle of DOSenstein.
We need you to investigate rumors that a newly formed division of the SS has refortified the Castle...
..And began working rites of dark magick, with powerful ancient relics. 
Our intelligence gathering points to the Knights of the SS a new exclusive order of elite SS officers, who are forging an Arayan warrior nobility of the Third Reich.
 SchutzStaffel der Ritter Schwarze Sonne ...  
They are said to venerate the Black Sun.

We have heard rumors..
That Knights of the SS leading Ahnenerbe recently recovered the mythical hero Beowulf's Armor and Sword Hrunting.
Our members in Allied Military and Intelligence report that an Allied spy BJ who escaped from Castle Wolfenstein, has been dispatched to recover the Spear of Destiny.
We have also heard from connections in the French Resistance that the SS is now searching for the Holy Grail.
They have raided a catacomb under the Notre Dame Cathedral after translating some stolen documents from another order. 
They have also been said to be excavating Old Norse Runes.
As a Magi and a Knight of the Silver Cross you know that we must investigate these claims and if they prove true..,
That we must stop them.
If you choose to accept this mission we will use your code name Falcon 93 in all correspondence to protect your identity.
Brother Mueller we have witnessed the Nazi Party take over our country, the Wermacht has already swept across Europe,
and with the power of these talismans the Knights of the SS could become an unstoppable force of Fascism.
I fear we may never again see liberty, but surely the power of the mighty Horus is with you, you are our best agent Johannes,
And yet should you fall in the sacred battle for freedom I will always remember you as a friend,
and your sacrifice will not be in vain, this Aeon shall some day shine with freedom, may our grandchildren see that day.
Do what thou wilt my Brother.
Agent Falcon 93 Do you accept this mission? 
* Falcon 93 Studios * *
In the SOD TC Series ‘Knights of the SS’
The mysterious order Magi of the Radiant Star has been building secret resistance networks to fight against the Axis Regimes. Agent Falcon 93 sneaks into Castle DOSenstein to discover the truth about K-SS in the ‘Armour of Beowulf’.
In other Episodes….
Brothers and Sisters of the Magi Order use guns, magick, and guerilla tactics in the fight against Fascism, from forests and groves, to the dark Castles of Wewelsburg and DOSenstein, all the way to subterranean caverns and catacombs, as they take on Special SS Knight Squads, battle the UnDead, and powerful SS Priests.
Recovering great artifacts from the Nazi’s such as Beowulf’s Armour and Sword Hrunting. Old Norse Runes, and the Holy Grail.
In the yet to be named Wolf3d TC…
6 Episodes of Special Operations and Intelligence Missions with Allied and Resistance Forces…
Including a Joint SS and Luftwaffe Bunker with advanced technology and bio-medical research labs where mad scientists are rumored to have created mutants & cyborgs, developed laser and plasmas weapons, and reverse engineered Extra-Terersestrial technology.  
More planned including a multi installment series of TC’s spanning Wolfenstein 3D, Spear Of Destiny, DooM, Heretic, and Hexen. This would involve porting Wolfenstein into those games.
Where the player uncovers a Nazi Portal and fights through Mars, Hell, and other dimensions.
Including an Egyptian Episode using the DooM, Heretic, or Hexen engine, where the Magi fight along side Egyptian Mummies farao (allies) against Rommel’s Afrika Corps and the Knights of the SS.

**        Knights of the SS : Armour of Beowulf.         **
             Alpha Demo Featuring
             Mission 3 Castle Court (demo level 1)
            and Elevator Lobby ([filler] demo level 2).
This is a very rough Alpha Demo by Falcon 93 Studios. It is a modification of Spear Of Destiny(TM - ID Software [see credits]).
The First level is actually mission 3 of an upcoming TC of SOD called Armour of Beowulf, from a planned series called Knights of the SS.
The second level is just a filler, it is merely a small elevator lobby.
The Demo version of Spear of Destiny has 2 levels. In the near future I will release an updated version with a full second level.
This may be done with engine I started to edit code for, it currently supports a lighting effect and atmosphere i.e. rain.
Later Falcon 93 Studios will release full length Spear of Destiny and Wolfenstein 3D Total(and more) Conversions with source code changes, more audio & graphical changes, new enemies and weapons, and special features like reanimating corpses, treasure fueled manna as ammo for magickal weapons, and more.
This Alpha Demo runs on the Spear Of Destiny Demo version engine and game files, it does not use any source code changes, or any original graphics.
It does however feature an original level designed by J Falcon, and several sprite & texture graphics developed by members of the Wolf3d/SOD Modding community(see Credits) and the order of music has been changed, with some music imported from Wolfenstein 3D.
* Alpha Demo V 1.0  Release Notes * And Sound Issues Addressed *
This demo show cases as much as possible without reprogramming, and within the limits of the slimmed down SOD demo version,
 the general atmosphere of Armour of Beowulf from my planned series, The Knights of the SS.
The TC’s I have planned will feature much more extensive redesigning.
In v 1.0
The title screen is not satisfactory but it is suitable for an Alpha Demo.
The pallet used by SOD for the title screen causes great difficulty.
The issue is either that I could not get my image editors to work with the pallet,
or the Wolf3d/SOD editors do not have the title screen pallet configured correctly,
or something else is going on that I don’t understand yet.
Suffice to say I simply had to guess which colors to use and then test how it looked after uploading the graphics.
The enemies and static objects are maxed out, this may cause issues,
 but I have play tested it and I believe the common bugs are worked out.
Run Castle Court (EXE) to play the game.
It is a newer version of the Demo with some bugs patched.
I have also included a folder with the Patched Demo EXE and the Older Demo EXE.
I suggest downloading VDM Sound and DOS Box.
Without running through VDM Sound I have no music on my machine.
Just download it(it is free), then right click Castle Court  (EXE) and select "Run with VDMS". _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
This is just a Mod; I only swapped graphics & music and created a new level.
Full Credit for Game Engine, Most Graphics, Sounds, and Game Design
goes to ID Software(TM)
The creators of the Original Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny games.
                - Absolute Credits -
ID Software;
Programming: John Carmack, John Romero
Creative Director: Tom Hall
Artist: Adrian Carmack
BIZ: Jay Wilbur
Computer Artist: Kevin Cloud
Distribution: FormGen
Composer: Robert Prince
Additional Programming: Jason Blochowiak
Cheers to these Awesome Kats for making such an Amazing game series
that has stood the test of time.
without them none of this would be possible.
If you enjoyed this Mod please purchase the original Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny Games.
I also recommend Return To Castle Wolfenstein.
They are all available online for purchase.
I must also give a huge Thanks to the Wolfenstein Spear Of Destiny Mod Community
For creating the Mod Software used to edit the original games, for crafting the great mods that have inspired me,
And for taking the time to create the replacement graphics that I used,
And for having the grace to release them for use by the Wolf/SOD mod community.
Even further for creating and maintaining an online community for Wolfenstein Modding. 
             - Graphic Credits -
Wall Pack 1,2,3 - Giorgio
Spear Resurrection Sprites Pack - MCS Amsterdam and AReyeP
Various - Author Unknown - Source AReyeP & MCS Wolf3d Texture Library
Graphics - Ken O'Brien
If you enjoyed this Mod please go download some of the classic Wolf/SOD mods.
They are available online for download.
Editing Software Credits
Wolf3d Data Compiler
  - Adam Biser
Chaos Edit
-[size=10]    [/size]Chaos Software
* Other *
If I have neglected to credit your work please contact me at *** and I will make update the credits and make an updated release.
               - Falcon 93 Studios Credits -
This Mod was crafted by Falcon 93 Studios
Level Design, Story, and Concepts by J Falcon.
I can be reached AT ***
Stay Tuned For New Releases.
Also I have now 4 Farcry(TM - From Ubisoft) Instincts(#1) X-Box (original) Multiplayer Maps crafted.
Panu Ro Island, ZEBEZ River, ZaKek Ro Pass, and TonaKu RO Temple, They are based on following from Island Coast, to a River through Mountains, to a grand water way avenue of Shrines, to a Great Temple. There are multiple pyramids throughout the levels.
I will find a way to make them available soon.


Introduction - Sun Apr 30, 2017 3:12 pm

You can call me J if you want or Falcon just don't call me Surely. Lol. 
Anyhow I'm new to this Forum, though not new to this not so new game Smile

I'm a student, currently studying EMS, but overal studying to become a Surgeon. 
I love nature, I love history, science, tequila, woman, and of course that marvelous star we orbit called The Sun and all great things done under the summer sun

Been playing Wolfenstein and Mods since late 90s I think. 
My top favorites are Himmler's SS by ?, The Final Solution by Tristan Van Puten, The Coming of the Storm by ?, and one that I probably shouldn't list....

There's others I can't recall. Also played some from AReyeP which are really great but they appear to dark on monitor to play much of, would love to find a solution. 

So I have wanted to make Wolf/Spear mods for over ten years and I have a ton of folders with code tutorials printed out, as well as levels mapped out on graph paper sketches of gfx and storylines. I also have some files backed up somewhere with what I had been working on back then, this is all from years back.

I have decide after making 4 multiplayer maps on the old x box Farcry Instincts(#1) that I want to make my Wolfenstein mods.

However I have a major education milestone to study for in the immeadiate, the career hoop jumping to follow that, and a very long education beyond for my long term career. 

So for now I'm just going to put together just 1 level to release with no other modifications besides the game banner, read this, and credits. 
I may use the Demo version, if not I will have to edit the code to make it a 1 level one episode game

After I complete the didactic portion of my Paramedic program I will begin working on a 10 level mod, with very basic gfx changes. 
Again using either the Demo or modding the wolf 3d code just enough for a 10 mission one episode game.

When I get my license and get hired, maybe after I move somewhere warmer too... 
Then I will begin working on full on TC Mods. 
Lots of source code changes, GFX, weapons, atmospheric, etc. 
1 with the wolf3d engine for a multi episode game.
1 with the SOD engine for a 20 something level game. 
1 with porting Wolfenstein into doom. 
And maybe one that ports Wolf/SOD in into Doom, Heretic, and Hexen. 
Perhaps using another program that switches engines at certain points(end level trigger > switch to___). For a multi dimensional multi episode game, say like 45 levels or so. 
Maybe even porting all of them into something that has just slightly better GFX. 

Alas I will have to balance that all out with my career and long term education... And everything else.... 
However this is something I've wanted to do and talked about for a long time and I am going to do it.

Just to be clear, my strong point is level design, I'm decent at gfx in general, but I'm not good at 64x64 pixel gfx, and as far as coding...... Wow, that is way beyond me. 
Just using the tutorials I had serious issues. 

I'm going to need to ask allot of dumb coding questions and use allot of the graphics that authors have put out for the community to use, I will of course be giving full credit for the originals to ID, and credits to anyone I use a tutorial or graphic or anything from, including the utilities. My credits will be long like the movies lol.

Hardcore speedrunning? (100% totals + i am death incarnate + speed run) - Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:24 pm

Always loved this game, played it alot, usually beat it 100% once a year or so since it is now on xbox.

Have been considering going for #1 or as close to as possible on the leaderboards.

The main thing i would have to do to prepare for such a feat is to print out all of the maps and label very specific paths and shooting points/angles/minimum bullets required for a fight to account for backtracking to heath/ammo rooms, treasure would be noted on paths.

Also, It would be necessary to take special note of which gold and silver doors could be opened and then subsequently blocked by dead bodies of fallen guards.

Really with a good map path book and some free time, this shouldn't be THAT difficult of a task. Just gotta no-life it.

What do you guys think?

Edit, a few maps  namely aardwolf maze and a few secret levels might give me some trouble in terms of completion % will have to make special plans for those.

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