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    Return to Castle Hollehammer

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    Return to Castle Hollehammer

    Post by lilmanjs on Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:13 pm

    here's the story for the mod that me and raziel are working on:

    Return to Castle Hollehammer

    Date: June 5th, 1950 Location: Rural Russia

    We shall rise up again! We shall once and for all complete the takeover of the world that should have happened in World War 2. Nobody can stop what they don’t expect. We shall take over the world and I will find that man that killed my brother. The one and only brother of Dr. Schabbs, Einaugen, said all this. At that moment a gunshot was heard and Einaugen fell to the ground screaming to be taken to a hospital.

    Date: August 23rd, 1950 Location: U.S. Embassy in Poland

    It seems the Russians found out about the latest Nazi stronghold before we did. From what our spies have gotten us they sent in a one-man attack force just like you B.J. but he failed big time. From the report that I have it seems that they sent in Sergey Beston to kill off Andy Einaugen. All I have to say is how stupid do you have to be to try to kill somebody when they are giving a speech to their followers. Now we know that there isn’t much time as the Nazis seem to know that somebody will probably be sent to their hideaway up in Rural Russia. So this is where you come in B.J. We need you to go out there and take care of the Nazis once and for all. You’ve killed Dr. Schabbs before so killing his brother shouldn’t be too hard. The places that you are going to are Castle Grom, The underground base that connects Castle Grom with Castle Hollehammer, and Castle Hollehammer itself. We do know that Andy Einaugen will be there but we don’t know where at though. The only high ranking officers that we know of being out there are Andy Einaugen, and General Ivans. There are reports of other officers being there but we don’t have a clue who they are and what they are doing there. Here is your passport and there is a cab waiting for you outside and we’d like you to use the weapons from your last mission seeing how well you did with them.

    Location: Russian Border

    “I don’t really give a crap what people are doing here in Russia but I must ask you what the heck have you come to this crap country for?” asked the Russian guard in a very thick accent. “I’m here to see the sights and have a good fun vacation for the next 2 weeks sir. B.J. said.” “You may enter our country good sir.” Said the Russian as he handed B.J. back his passport. B.J. was then taken 300 miles southwest to an airfield where he would board a plane to be dropped 2 miles from Castle Grom. They gave him only a pistol as they said if he had anything more that he would probably get his fingers stuck shoot himself and then hit the ground and die. So as B.J. was dropped off at the airfield he said goodbye to the cab driver and handed the driver $2000 and said it was for being so nice the whole way over and then entered the airfield. B.J. was dropped off 2 miles from Castle Grom and he found his way in. What will happen to B.J.? Only you can decide that.

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