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    New update from Forumtion (it's about time!)

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    New update from Forumtion (it's about time!)

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:54 am

    First things first. I am checking abuse reports a bit more often now. Also. I updated the FAQ a little bit. I also changed the ranks a little bit as well.
    A new update has just been done on your forum, hope youíll be happy with the work Smile

    1. Abuse report

    In order to prevent Terms of Services infringment, any members can now report an abuse by clicking the link "report an abuse" of each page of the forums.

    If you receive an abuse for your forum, to consult it :
    Admin panel > misc > reported abuses
    (If you donít see the section itís normal! That means you donít have any abuses Wink)

    From there you can see all informations on your forum abuses, and handle them.

    Please take all abuses seriously : they are not a sanction, but prevention.

    So if the abuse is legit, you will need to take rapid actions in order to repair Terms of services infringments.

    The visitor who will report you a legit infringment will therefore be preserving your forum from being deleted, if you take the necessary actions (such as deletion of the one or more incriminated pages and/or sections).

    We (Forumotion staff) donít intervene in any way in abuses, but if a visitor comes to us saying he reported you an abuse, and that nothing has been done on your side, we will have to take the necessary actions ourselves, by deleting the specified infringments or the entire forum.

    2. Message edition duration limit for a member

    You can now specify a certain amount of time after which a message wonít be editable by a member anymore (in order of minutes, hours, or days) :
    Admin panel > general configuration > "Message edition duration limit for a member".

    Just leave "none" checked if you want to keep your options by default, as they were before the update Wink

    3. Enhancement and modifications of the points (credits) system

    The points you used to buy to get new options for your forum have now changed their name : they are now credits, in order to stop the misunderstanding between "directory points" and "Paid points".

    Admin panel > misc > credits managements

    The menu has been modified and is now smooth and more easy to use.
    You now just need to pick and choose the option you wish to buy, and there you go Smile

    Thatís all for today!

    Cheers to everyone for using our services, stay tuned for fresh news shortly !

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