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    Exploding guards...


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    Exploding guards...

    Post by WLHack on Mon Mar 26, 2007 5:42 am

    Again one nifty code change...
    This time exploding guards (Like in Spear Resurrection and E.O.D)...

    First add exploding barrels using Zuljins tutorial (You can use
    any tutorial you want but I used this one, oh and remember
    to credit Paal, since I heard its originally his tutorial),
    it can be found from here http://clik.to/zrtc

    Then place the "A_BarrelAttack" at the beginning of WL_Act2.C
    so it looks like this:


    / WL_ACT2.C

    #include "math.h"
    #include "WL_DEF.H"
    #pragma hdrstop

    void A_BarrelAttack (objtype *ob);


    Then search for "// dogs" (without the quotes)
    until you see this:


    // dogs

    extern statetype s_dogpath1;
    extern statetype s_dogpath1s;

    -- and so on --

    Then edit that part to look like this:

    extern  statetype s_dogpath1;
    extern  statetype s_dogpath1s;
    extern  statetype s_dogpath2;
    extern  statetype s_dogpath3;
    extern  statetype s_dogpath3s;
    extern  statetype s_dogpath4;

    extern  statetype s_dogjump1;
    extern  statetype s_dogjump2;
    extern  statetype s_dogjump3;
    extern  statetype s_dogjump4;
    extern  statetype s_dogjump5;

    extern  statetype s_dogchase1;
    extern  statetype s_dogchase1s;
    extern  statetype s_dogchase2;
    extern  statetype s_dogchase3;
    extern  statetype s_dogchase3s;
    extern  statetype s_dogchase4;

    extern  statetype s_dogdie1;
    extern  statetype s_dogdie1d;
    extern  statetype s_dogdie2;
    extern  statetype s_dogdie3;
    extern  statetype s_dogdead;

    statetype s_dogpath1    = {true,SPR_DOG_W1_1,20,T_Path,NULL,&s_dogpath1s};
    statetype s_dogpath1s  = {true,SPR_DOG_W1_1,5,NULL,NULL,&s_dogpath2};
    statetype s_dogpath2    = {true,SPR_DOG_W2_1,15,T_Path,NULL,&s_dogpath3};
    statetype s_dogpath3    = {true,SPR_DOG_W3_1,20,T_Path,NULL,&s_dogpath3s};
    statetype s_dogpath3s  = {true,SPR_DOG_W3_1,5,NULL,NULL,&s_dogpath4};
    statetype s_dogpath4    = {true,SPR_DOG_W4_1,15,T_Path,NULL,&s_dogpath1};

    statetype s_dogjump1  = {false,SPR_DOG_JUMP1,10,NULL,NULL,&s_dogjump2};
    statetype s_dogjump2  = {false,SPR_DOG_JUMP2,10,NULL,NULL,&s_dogjump3};
    statetype s_dogjump3  = {false,SPR_DOG_JUMP3,10,NULL,NULL,&s_dogjump4};
    statetype s_dogjump4  = {false,SPR_DOG_JUMP1,10,NULL,T_Bite,&s_dogdie1};

    statetype s_dogchase1  = {true,SPR_DOG_W1_1,10,T_DogChase,NULL,&s_dogchase1s};
    statetype s_dogchase1s  = {true,SPR_DOG_W1_1,3,NULL,NULL,&s_dogchase2};
    statetype s_dogchase2  = {true,SPR_DOG_W2_1,8,T_DogChase,NULL,&s_dogchase3};
    statetype s_dogchase3  = {true,SPR_DOG_W3_1,10,T_DogChase,NULL,&s_dogchase3s};
    statetype s_dogchase3s  = {true,SPR_DOG_W3_1,3,NULL,NULL,&s_dogchase4};
    statetype s_dogchase4  = {true,SPR_DOG_W4_1,8,T_DogChase,NULL,&s_dogchase1};

    statetype s_dogdie1  = {false,SPR_DOG_DIE_1,15,NULL,A_DeathScream,&s_dogdie2};
    statetype s_dogdie2  ={false,SPR_DOG_DIE_2,15,NULL,A_BarrelAttack,&s_dogdie3};
    statetype s_dogdie3  = {false,SPR_DOG_DIE_3,15,NULL,NULL,&s_dogdead};
    statetype s_dogdead  = {false,SPR_DOG_DEAD,130,NULL,NULL,&s_dogdead};

    Then go down to "T_Bite"-function and change it to this:

    = T_Bite

    void T_Bite (objtype *ob)

      PlaySoundLocActor(DOGATTACKSND,ob);  // JAB
      KillActor (ob);

    And suddenly you have changed the dog to a suicide bomber-wannabe.
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    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Re: Exploding guards...

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Mon Mar 26, 2007 2:58 pm

    that was quite long. but anyways, at first i was reading the topic, and im like..exploding mutants? but yes you can apply it to suicidal clones or flamethower guys

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