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    The Transgressions of Vyacheslav Shilikhin

    Can I Play, Daddy?
    Can I Play, Daddy?

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    The Transgressions of  Vyacheslav Shilikhin Empty The Transgressions of Vyacheslav Shilikhin

    Post by dunkelschwamm on Sat Nov 03 2018, 16:43

    Hey all, Dunkelschwamm (previously RGamesINC) here with a somewhat upsetting discovery:

    This game and this game by one Vyacheslav Shilikhin have been sold using stolen graphics both from Monkee's Image World and from various commercial games (including LucasArts' "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" and id Software's own "Doom").

    In the second game, you might be able to notice a zombie enemy used prominently in the screenshots and promotional material.  That is this graphic I made when I was 14 years old and posted to Monkee's Image World.

    I am in the middle of writing a DMCA report and flagging this to Valve, but I think this should be a sign that, as creators, we might need to be a bit vigilant about making sure our hard work and the work of our contemporaries aren't being used to line the pockets of cynical slapdash peddlers like Vyacheslav.

    Update: after submitting a DMCA takedown, Psi Project 2 is no longer on the Steam store. However, 2 other games in the series, also heavily featuring stolen assets, are still available for purchase on Steam.

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