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    4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items


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    4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items Empty 4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items

    Post by stathmk on Wed May 16, 2018 7:31 am

    4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items

    1. Rage 2 Announced

    Rage 2: Announce Trailer:†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7eXH25_KC0
    Rage 2: Official Gameplay Trailer:†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rQMytyBFeA

    The first Rage game was in 2011.

    Rage 2 is from Bethesda Softworks, ID Software, and Avalanche Studios.† An asteroid hits Earth in 2185 and apparently humankind splinters into tribes.† I donít know what country the game takes place in, but some of them are European-looking punks somewhat like in The Mad Max movie.† Watching the official gameplay trailer, there are so many people on the screen shooting at the same time, that this reminds me of Quake or Unreal Tournament.† Watch†here†where MrMattyPlays is explaining that the protagonist is using an energy push, which seems to remind me of a Heretic magic move.

    4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items Energypush
    The energy push or magic move.


    2.† Thread for selling Wolfenstein related games

    The Wolfenstein twin pack and other Wolfenstein games are for sale for at least $3.00†here.

    I donít know belgarath1, but he has some Wolf auctions.† He has 100% positive feedback.† His items show that he lives in America and will ship to America.† You have 3 days to bid before the auctions end.† One of his auctions is for The Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The New Blood twin pack edition that I didnít know existed.† Another auction is for The Wolfenstein 2009 game.† Another is for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.† These are the PC versions.† Shipping for everything is at least $3.00.† He also has an auction for a non-Wolfenstein expansion game, and a lot for a Game Boy Micro black with a charger and 3 games.

    4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items Twinpack
    The twinpack of Wolf PC games.

    Edit on May 24: I checked back and it's sold.

    On a personal note, itís OK with me if you want to post something for sale mostly related to Wolfenstein, Apogee, 3D Realms, or Bethesda Softworks into this thread if itís to somebody with 100% positive feedback, nobody is offended, and you either later delete the post when itís no longer for sale or put strikethrough through the text when itís no longer for sale.† Iím not offended if nobody else is offended.† Just don't have an argument when somebody else gets the winning bid or do something like that.


    3.† Fabianaís Wolfenstein Cultural Fan Fiction

    Fabiana and/or Juan Alejandro are Spanish or Portuguese speakers who posted her cultural fan fiction of a Wolfenstein Timeline onto one of the 2 Doomers United Facebook groups.† I canít believe that in 2017 that this got lost in the shuffle of my notes.† Itís been so long that Iíve forgotten her last name or how to contact her.† Iíve heard that an English speaker wrote that the man from Doom is Stan Blazkowics in his fan fiction and that Billy Blaze from Commander Keen is William Blazkowiczí grandson.† Fabiana's text is 13 pages and the font size is 20.† Itís interesting.

    Link to file: http://www.wolfensteingoodies.com/wolfensteingoodies/docs/Wolfenstein-La-Vieja-Sangre-Linea-Temporal.doc

    Itís creative, but donít take it too seriously.† Iím not going to pretend that I understand all the nuances of the culture, language, and verb conjugates.† I donít mean to be superficial, but I think that I could be making 1 or 2 translation errors.† Or Fabiana could be making 1 or 2 misunderstandings of German.† I had heard from somebody who doesnít joke about this that you canít dot every ďiĒ and cross every ďtĒ in reading an English language Holocaust book because some German accounts were translated to French and then to English.† I donít know about how it works with translating German into Spanish or Portuguese.† Cross-translating reminds me that I can find about 5 mistranslations in the English New Testament because the apostlesí work was translated from Aramaic or Hebrew to Greek and then from Greek into English.

    Know your vocabulary:
    Agosto = August
    Alemania = Deutchland, or Germany
    Alemana = German
    Bajo = Below, Southern, or South of
    Canciller = Chancellor, Dictator
    Carlomagno = Charlemagne, or Charles The Great, or Charles I
    Castillo = Castle
    Comandante = Commander
    Emperador Romano = Roman Emperor
    Enero = January
    Erwin Rommel = He had battled in Africa in World War II
    Estados Unidos = The United States
    Hijo Major = Older brother?† Better brother?
    Hindenburg = The prime minister or candidate assassinated by Hitlerís men
    Iglesia = Church
    Lago = Lake
    Nace = Born
    Normandia = Normandy
    Norte = North of, or Northern
    Primer = First or most powerful
    Resistencia = Resistence
    Sociedad = Society?
    Temporal = Time or Timeline
    Tule = The Thule Society?† This was a Society in Germany that was anti-semitic
    UAC = Union Aerospace Corps (In Doom)
    -stadt = the suffix for a German state


    4.† Ion Maiden

    Ion Maiden is the Bombshell prequel.† Itís done Duke Nukem 3D style in the Build Engine.† Bombshell was Nuke Nukemís acquaintance or girlfriend in Lame Duke or an unfinished Duke Nukem Forever game.

    4 Wolf or Bethesda News Items Ionmaiden
    Ion Maiden on Steam


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