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    undecided holiday themed project

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    undecided holiday themed project Empty undecided holiday themed project

    Post by arktic on Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:01 am

    a wolf3d mod that i been working on from time to time based first on modified wolf4sdl engine then transfered over to ecwolf.
    i have been trying real hard for it to be of commercial quality but it's still long way to go to look like a good rated indie title. most of work that i did was making custom content like textures and sprites, some texturework doesn't match but still looks good enough for a simple mod realease i guess. as far as plot and story goes i haven't really thought about it for a long time as it was a simple free form stab at creating something unique so i have no clue what the wereabouts are for this mod. i am currently not sure what to do with it as i dumped a whole lot of effort into it and it would feel pretty bad to just abandon it at this point.

    what you need to do here is download ecwolf and any audiot.wl6 and audiohed.wl6 from wolf3d compatible mod or from wolf3d itself as the mod borrows pc speaker sound effects from wolf3d (i personally use audio*.wl6 files from frayed mod by madwolf555 on moddb .)

    i would appreciate any feedback on this and your thoughts were to go from here, the difficulty of the mod is somewhat harder than usual wolf3d so i recommend to play it on easy as it has a lot of chockepoints with many enemies and some maps have to be speedrun rather than cleared all the way as there might be not enough ammo.


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