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    Price Lowered on Wolf Pack on Steam


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    Price Lowered on Wolf Pack on Steam Empty Price Lowered on Wolf Pack on Steam

    Post by stathmk on Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:06 am

    You can now get Wolf Pack (RTCW, 6 episodes of Wolfenstein 3D, & 3 episodes of The Spear of Destiny) from http://store.steampowered.com/app/9000/ for $9.99 instead of $14.99 like it was before.  Scroll down to where it says, "$9.99."

    EDIT: Or if you prefer, you can have have 2 Elder Scrolls games in place of RTCW at the same price at https://www.gog.com/game/wolfenstein_3d_and_spear_of_destiny .  According to that page, "About: When you buy this game, The Elder Scrolls: Arena and The Elder Scrolls Chapter II: Daggerfall will be added to your GOG.com account for free!"  EDIT:  The deal on The 2 Elder Scrolls games has expired.

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