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    Contact me or Dark_wizzie if you want a mod taken down


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    Contact me or Dark_wizzie if you want a mod taken down

    Post by stathmk on Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:47 am

    Contact me at stathmk(at)wolfensteingoodies(dot)com if you want your own mod taken down from http://www.wolfenstein3d.co.uk/ or http://www.wolfensteingoodies.com for personal reasons.† So far, 4 of these mods have been requested to be taken down for personal reasons.† Also contact me if you know for a fact that somebody has plagiarized from a particular mod.† 2 of these mods will be taken down for plagiarism.† Also contact me if you want your link taken down from http://www.wolfenstein3d.co.uk/links.htm or http://www.wolfensteingoodies.com/links/links.htm .† If for some reason I donít answer in a timely manner, then contact Dark_wizzie on http://wolf3d.darkbb.com explaining why a mod or link needs to be taken down from The Wolfenstein 3D Dome.

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