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    GaryMace's SDL Questions


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    GaryMace's SDL Questions Empty GaryMace's SDL Questions

    Post by stathmk on Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:29 am

    User GaryMace has contacted both me & Dark_wizzie that he can't post a message yet & this is what he tried to post.  Respond if you know what is going on or how to solve this SDL problem:

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    Hay man! Obviously since I’m a new user I was unable to make a post about my issue so I was wondering if you could provide me with some insight on my issue. Below is the post I tried to make 😊
    Hi guys GaryMace's SDL Questions Download
    I'm trying to compile Wolf4SDL in Dev-C++ bloodshed. All the files seem to build fine but at the end i get the following error.
    "[Build Error] exe: ***[Wolf4SDL.exe] error 1"
    and a log output :
    Compiler: Default compiler
    Building Makefile: "C:\Users\Gary Mac Elhinney\Downloads\Test Bench\Makefile.win"
    Executing  make...
    mingw32-make.exe -f "C:\Users\Gary Mac Elhinney\Downloads\Test Bench\Makefile.win" all
    mingw32-g++.exe fmopl.o wl_text.o id_ca.o id_in.o id_pm.o id_sd.o id_us_1.o id_vh.o id_vl.o signon.o wl_act1.o wl_act2.o wl_agent.o wl_debug.o wl_draw.o wl_game.o wl_inter.o wl_main.o wl_menu.o wl_play.o wl_state.o sdl_winmain.o wl_atmos.o wl_dir3dspr.o wl_floorceiling.o wl_parallax.o wl_shade.o  -o "Wolf4SDL.exe" -L"C:/Dev-Cpp/lib" -mwindows -lmingw32 -lSDL -lSDL_mixer  
    mingw32-g++.exe: Internal error: Aborted (program collect2)
    Please submit a full bug report.
    See for instructions.
    mingw32-make.exe: *** [Wolf4SDL.exe] Error 1
    Execution terminated
    and that's it. It's very uninformative. I've put the SDL include file in the correct directory, I've downloaded and linked the SDL and SDL_mixer packages. I've included the files that we're missing from the project. i.e wl_atmos.h, wl_atmos.cpp etc... 
    I'm concerned about my compiler set up within Dev-C++ and that maybe it is causing the issue,
    In Tools-> Compiler Options -> Programs my compiler set up is as follows:
    gcc:          mingw32-c++.exe
    g++:         c++.exe
    make:       mingw32-make.exe
    gdb:          gdb.exe
    windres:    windres.exe
    dllwrap:     dllwrap.exe
    gprof:        gprof.exe
    Any help is really welcome!
    Thanks guys
    Thanks a Million !
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