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    Hardcore speedrunning? (100% totals + i am death incarnate + speed run)


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    Wolf3d n00b

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    Hardcore speedrunning? (100% totals + i am death incarnate + speed run)

    Post by xlordkarnagex on Sun Apr 10, 2016 12:24 pm

    Always loved this game, played it alot, usually beat it 100% once a year or so since it is now on xbox.

    Have been considering going for #1 or as close to as possible on the leaderboards.

    The main thing i would have to do to prepare for such a feat is to print out all of the maps and label very specific paths and shooting points/angles/minimum bullets required for a fight to account for backtracking to heath/ammo rooms, treasure would be noted on paths.

    Also, It would be necessary to take special note of which gold and silver doors could be opened and then subsequently blocked by dead bodies of fallen guards.

    Really with a good map path book and some free time, this shouldn't be THAT difficult of a task. Just gotta no-life it.

    What do you guys think?

    Edit, a few maps †namely aardwolf maze and a few secret levels might give me some trouble in terms of completion % will have to make special plans for those.

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    Welcome to the forums.

    Post by stathmk on Sun May 01, 2016 12:02 pm

    Welcome to the forums.

    Iím Matt & Iím the webmaster of wolfensteingoodies.com & of http://wolf3d.darkbb.com/t3305-wolfenstein-goodies-news-thread .† I donít promise to upload all submissions in a timely manner because I have to work.

    In about 2008, I did a speedrun package with saved game states for the Wolfenstein 3D episode 1 shareware & Brian uploaded it to wolfenstein3d.co.uk .† I completed the episode in less than 5 minutes on the easiest difficulty setting.† Thatís not including the secret level.† On a more difficult setting, you can beat my time for level 6 because you shoot the door & a guard is behind there that opens it.† Youtube has speed runs done by rashflection, zirblaser, & somebody whom I donít know if I can remember.

    Only the Apogee version of Wolfenstein 3D has the Aardwolf sign.† Other versions have a pile of bones or something else.† You canít get 100% secrets on that level, but only 99%.

    Do you have the steampowered.com, gog.com, Apogee, or Activision version of Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny?† My email is on wolfensteingoodies.com.† You can send me your saved game states for the speed runs & then for 100% completions.† Are you going to have a saved game for each level for each speedrun & then for 100% completion?† It can be 6 zip or rar files or folders each for episodes with 100% completions, if you want to do it that way.† It can also be 6 zip or rar files or folders each for speedruns, if you want to do it that way.† You can do the same with The Spear of Destiny episodes.† Maybe 1 zip or rar for levels 1-10, & so on. †Just an idea.


    Re: Hardcore speedrunning? (100% totals + i am death incarnate + speed run)

    Post by Guest on Mon May 02, 2016 12:00 pm

    I did not know you did racing stathmk. Pretty cool. There's a good video here of all 6 episodes, but using WolfDem v0.1


    @xlordkarnagex: Yes I think a racing video with all 100% ratios on Death Incarnate would be neat. Can you beat Autobot? Laughing

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    Re: Hardcore speedrunning? (100% totals + i am death incarnate + speed run)

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