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    I have scanned The Spear comic book


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    I have scanned The Spear comic book Empty I have scanned The Spear comic book

    Post by stathmk on Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:13 am

    Issue from September 1976: The Untold Origin of The Justice Society

    I have scanned The Spear comic book Justicesociety01width400

    I have scanned at 300 dpi the 52 high resolution scans of the 1976 comic book.  FormGen had gotten the inspiration from it for Wolfenstein 3D: The Spear of Destiny.  I know because it’s indicated as the comic book in the documentation in The Spear of Destiny Super CD pack.

    I have a great-uncle that said that Superman & other comic books were violent for the time & used propaganda against Hitler & Stalin.  Apparently the comic book authors thought that they could be right about Hitler or Stalin for the wrong reasons?

    JusticeSocietyComicBookdoc.doc  (297,409 KB)
    JusticeSocietyComicBookpdf.pdf  (74,763 KB)
    JusticeSocietyComicBookScanszip.zip  (294,370 KB)

    Do you have a question or comment here after reading the comic book?

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